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Our type of courses

Language Trainers provides personalized online classes with highly experienced and qualified tutors in your time zone and at your convenience. Use our Skype-powered web-conferencing software, or a similar platform, like Zoom, Google Meet or WhatsApp, to study the language you want to learn on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The number one reason to choose our Online Course is for the flexibility it offers. Study at home or anywhere, and schedule your classes for a time that suits your timetable. Our world-class, native-speaking teachers are even available in the evenings and at the weekend. But while the lessons are online, we still guarantee the same tailored program and world-class teaching. Our trainers are experts at tutoring remotely, adapting digital tools and materials to suit your unique language learning needs.

Choose between a one-on-one or a closed group course and tell us the language you want to learn and where you are located, and we will get to work finding the perfect tutor from our directory of over 1,000 first-rate teachers from all over the world.

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We also offer online closed group sessions for groups that go between 2 and 8 students.
All of the participants need to have a similar proficiency level to ensure nobody is left behind or feels bored in class.
If the levels are too different, we suggest splitting the group into smaller ones.
If you are not sure about your current level, don't worry: our Academic Department will assess yours before starting with the course. This service is free of charge. Get started with your group course!
Reach out to us and we will provide you with an exact quote, considering your needs and requirements.


Please note that these tariffs are for our frequently ordered language courses—French, English, German, Spanish and Italian. The prices of our less frequently purchased language courses may be higher.
CAD$51.50 /HOUR


CAD$45.00 /HOUR




CAD$33.50 /HOUR



EXTRA STUDENT (2 or more): CAD$6.50 / HOUR

Testimonials from our students

“The French classes are so cool, the teacher is very enthusiastic and the classmates are cool too. The classes are well organized, we are moving fast and learning a lot.”

Leslie Moreno - French Online with Language Trainers Connect

“I am incredibly satisfied with the lessons. Everything is very well organized and thought out. I have no complaints.”

Ana Klicovak - German online with Language Trainers Connect

Why study online with us?

  • Qualified, experienced, native-speaking trainers
  • Receive a certificate of completion
  • 100% tailored lessons
  • Classes of 1 hour or more
  • Convenient lessons from anywhere you want to take them
  • Custom and flexible itinerary
  • All proficiences welcome, from Beginner to Advanced
  • Only one business day's notice to reschedule lessons
  • Individual Courses or Small Groups of up to 8 people
  • Students can revisit learning material by watching back recorded lessons



Would you like to study a language online with other like-minded learners from different parts of the world?

Check out our open group language lessons!

Our Teachers

Our qualified and professional language teachers have been teaching their native language to students of all ages and abilities from anything from 2 years to decades, and all our online tutors are highly skilled at creating a virtual learning space that is so effective, you will feel like you are learning in a regular classroom. With more than 1,000 teachers to choose from in our database, and with no geographical limitations to consider except your time zone, our Academic Department have even more scope to find the ideal teacher for your learning needs.


Dynamic Timetabling

Because neither you nor your teacher needs to commute to attend an online class, you have even greater flexibility when it comes to organizing your lesson itinerary. Take your lessons before, during or after work, or even at the weeknd. And you only need to give your tutor one business day's notice if you decide to rearrange a class.

Technical requirements

You do not need much to participate in your online classes: just a computer, tablet or smartphone capable of connecting to the Internet, a stable connection, a webcam and, preferably, a microphone. Then, all you need to do is download your web-conferencing software of choice and you are ready to begin!

If you need help deciding which software to use, setting up your equipment or testing your setup beforehand, just reach out to us. Our technical team are on standby, ready and waiting to help you in any way they can.

Our web conferencing software is powered by Skype (for individual classes); for group classes, we have different options available. This state-of-the-art voice conferencing software allows you to feel like you are studying in a real classroom, from the comfort of your own home. Talk with your trainer as though you are in the same room and learn your desired language from anywhere.

Continual Adjustment

As part of our promise to work with your teacher to continually adapt your course, your tutor will record your online lessons. There are a number of benefits for doing this. First, you can look back over difficult topics as many times as you feel you need. Second, if you enroll in a group course and miss a lesson for any reason, you can watch it back later and catch up before the next class. And finally, your teacher can watch the lessons back as well, analyze your progress in more detail, and adjust the course content as necessary.


Tell us as much as possible about you, the language you want to learn and why, and the type of course you would like (one-one-one/small group) by submitting an inquiry form.
Your course coordinator and teacher should be notified with at least one business day's notice to reschedule arranged lessons. Failure to give notice or notice received less than one business day before the class is considered a late cancellation, and the class will be registered as having occurred.

You can cancel your course at any time. We will return your fee to you, after deducting the hourly cost of any classes taken and a cancellation fee of CAD$550.
No. The communication software we recommend using is free, such as Hangouts, Skype, Zoom and similar.
The only requirement to attend an online class is that you enable audio, so your teacher can hear you and converse with you. A webcam is not essential, although it is recommended to improve interactivity and immersion. Your teacher's camera will always be on, allowing you to see them and any resources they use to teach you.
Absolutely, our in-house technical staff can provide you with instructions to set up your equipment and software, and they will test everything with you to make sure it is all working before your first lesson.
Course books are fantastic resources to complement your language studies. Your teacher may decide to recommend one with suitable exercises and explanations to guide your learning, or our Academic Department can suggest suitable options.

But you are not required to purchase a coursebook as part of this course, so it is your decision and responsibility if you choose to do so; we will not refund you if you decide to buy one.
No, you can expect to pay only the amount we quote.
Try our FREE online Language Level and Listening Tests for a quick and accurate assessment of your current level. If we do not have tests for your language, send us an inquiry and we will help to assess your level by other means. If you do not see the language you want to learn, contact us and we will help arrange a test for you.
Every Language Trainers course is bespoke to suit your learning objectives and needs. However, you can request a particular focus by telling us which type of content you would like your teacher to concentrate on (if you do not highlight a particular course structure or language goals, we will assume you want a General Course).
General Courses: study a wide variety of grammar, vocabulary, phrases and pronunciation to prepare for common communication.
Specific-Purpose Courses: suitable for advanced learners and students with highly specific goals who want to learn to use the language in very particular circumstances.
Business Courses: develop language skills and cultural etiquette suitable for the workplace.
Approach your teacher in the first instance. If they do not adapt the course fast enough, then speak with your course coordinator.
Yes, if your course coordinator is unable to find a solution to whatever is bothering you.
The teachers we contract have been teaching their native language to individuals and/or groups for two years or more. They are also qualified, with either a teaching certification or a university-level degree.
The best way to learn a language quickly is to hear it and speak it as much as possible, so your teacher will encourage you to do this in your lessons.

However, if you require that your teacher can speak your native language, then please request this when booking your class. Most of our teachers speak English and are multilingual.
No, you do not need any additional equipment other than what we have specified above. Your teacher will share any resources you might need via the web-conferencing software or email. You can make notes if you wish, but remember you can request to review lessons again by watching their recordings. If you teacher asks you buy anything for your course, consult your course coordinator for guidance.
Yes, homework is part of the course. Your lesson time is limited but it is essential to experience and practice a language as often as possible to learn it well, so homework will encourage this. Your teacher will try to keep things interesting by setting a variety of homework to complete, from written exercises to listening to foreign language conversations on YouTube.
Yes, of course. Send us an inquiry with the name and details of the person who will sponsor your course. Once they have agreed and made the payment, we will confirm your booking.
A certificate of completion, which your teacher will send to you in your last lesson together.
You can read through our more detailed FAQ here, or send us an inquiry (someone will reply within ONE working day).