Online Chinese Lessons

If you are ready to learn Chinese, try one of our Online Chinese tutors. Focus on your specific needs including characters, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Online General Chinese Lessons

Lessons available for all levels of Chinese language students.

Beginners can expect to start the course with Survival Chinese. These “survival” lessons will introduce students to Chinese cultural customs. Upon completion of this section of the course, students will continue to learn about the Chinese characters, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Higher levels will also continue to learn and practice Chinese characters along with more intricate grammar and vocabulary, while improving their pronunciation and fluency while doing so.

These lessons are available as One-to-One and Two-to-One. Private (closed) and Public (open) group lessons are also available.

If a students chooses to take a Private Group lesson, he or she will have the ability to form the group based on which coworkers, friends, or relatives would like to join. Language Trainers will arrange the class schedule for the Private Group lesson at the convenience of all participating students.

Public Group lessons are open to all students. Class schedules will be fixed to accommodate students, and will meet on the same day and time each week.

Maximum group size for both Private and Public lessons is 8 students.

Minimum booking: 10 hours.

Online Business Chinese Lessons

Beginners should expect to spend part of the course covering Survival Chinese, E-mail Chinese and Telephone Chinese. These are essential lessons that must be covered so that the student can build the necessary skills he or she needs. Students will then be trained in the formalities of Chinese business including greeting, cultural differences and business etiquette. Specific needs in relation to their job situation will also be addressed.

Students with higher fluency will focus on Chinese documents reading and writing, and then will move forward in the course with job-specific lesson plans.

This course is available as One-to-One lessons. Private Group lessons are also offered for those who wish to study with fellow employees or colleagues. The class schedule for private group classes will be arranged according to the convenience of the students.

Maximum group size: 8 per group.

Chinese Beyond the Phrasebook
Online Chinese Lessons for Travelers

This course is designed with the traveler in mind. What better way to prepare for a trip to China than our tailor-made Chinese courses? Trainers will prepare students by practicing pronunciation, essential words and phrases, and vocabulary. Students will also be introduced to Chinese culture and customs. After completion of the course, students will be fluent enough to travel through China enjoyably; using their fluency to give/receive directions, book hotel accommodations, exchange money, and order food. Trainers will also coach students in any specific area requested by the student, such as: child adoption, overseas property buying, relocating overseas, and business trip circumstances. Other special request may be considered as part of the course as well.

This class is made up of ten 1-hour sessions that may be reduced to five1-hour sessions if there is little time available before the trip.

We are hiring Chinese teachers. If you have experience teaching Chinese online, please send us your resume or CV.