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Open group language courses for people who want to connect with their fellow learners around the world.

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Our clients are saying

Our clients are saying

Welcome to Language Trainers Connect

Would you like to learn a foreign language and connect with other students? Language Trainers Connect provides 5-week online open group language courses where you can learn from one of our professional teachers while interacting with other learners who share your passion to know a new language. Courses are organized by ability, so your virtual classmates will speak the language to the same level as you, and you can help each other to improve by practicing with one another.

Language Trainers Connect Courses


Currently, we provide open group online courses for the language listed below.

Course Length

All our courses take 5 weeks to complete. You will have two 90-minute lessons each week.


Lessons occur on the same days every week and at the same time. Check your course for timetable details.

Class size

Classes will run with 3 or more people, maximum class size 10.


We use the same teachers as for our regular, personalized face-to-face and online Language Trainers courses. All our trainers are native speakers and qualified language professionals with at least 2 years teaching experience.


In each course, your tutor will teach you General language vocabulary, grammar, and phrases from a variety of situations. You will complete interactive exercises using digital material, media, and by working with your classmates. Your teacher will use the consensus of the group and your own personal progress to adapt course content and pace. You may also receive written exercises to complete as homework between lessons.

Choose your course in 5 steps

Select the language you want to learn
Tell us your current proficiency level

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Choose the course that suits your timetable and preferences

If you favor personalized teaching, choose a Small Class.
If you want to connect with as many other language learners as possible, choose a Large Class.

Book your course

All payments via PayPal (or debit/credit card if you don't have a PayPal account) for fast, easy and reliable payment

Attend your class

Remember to download Zoom before you begin, so you are ready to go!

About Online Classrooms

Learning online is just like learning face-to-face with your teacher and fellow students, only you don't need to leave your home. You can converse with your trainer and classmates, send and receive digital materials, and your tutor can even share their screen, so you can experience media at the same time as the rest of the group.
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