Online Spanish Lessons

Start learning the world's most popular language with one of our Online Spanish tutors. You can choose Spanish from Latin America or from Spain and you decide exactly which language skills you want to focus the most on.

Online General Spanish Lessons

Beginners will jumpstart their course with Survival Spanish lessons. These classes will introduce new students to Spanish and Latin American culture, as well as familiarize students with Spanish accents to allow for better ease while traveling. Moving forward, students will continue on with tailor-made Spanish courses to satisfy each student's learning requirements and goals.

This is the perfect course for those who are:

  • Relocating to Spain or Latin America
  • Planning a vacation to a Spanish-speaking country
  • Spouses of overseas nationals
  • Taking Spanish examinations
  • Interested in the Spanish language and culture and desire to further their studies

Classes for this course are currently available as One-to-One, Two-to-One and Group sessions. Students may choose between Private (closed) Group sessions and Public (open) Group sessions.

Private group sessions have a flexible schedule. Language Trainers will arrange these group classes at the convenience of the students' schedules. Students will form their own group with interested co-workers, relatives, or friends.

Maximum group size: 8.

Public (open) Group sessions have a fixed schedule; classes will meet the same time and day each week. Any student can join these groups. Language Trainers will arrange groups for Public Group classes. Maximum groups size: 8.

All lessons are 1 hour. Minimum booking for all sessions: 10 hours.

Online Business Spanish Lessons

This is the perfect course for those students who:

  • Are planning to move to a Spanish-speaking country for a position in a company where Spanish is used on a daily basis.

Students at the Beginner Level will be taught the foundations of the Spanish language. Trainers will focus on teaching Beginner students the basics of business etiquette, cross- cultural differences, business greetings and formalities. Beginners should also expect to learn Telephone Spanish and E-mail Spanish skills –essential elements of the course that will help the student advance in their current job situation.

Those with a higher fluency level can expect their trainers to focus more on reading business documents. Trainers will also help the student develop his or her language skills in terms of the needs and requirements specified by their jobs.

Among our students are employees of multinational companies, people who specialize in the areas of international negotiations and acquisitions, import and export and those who are currently seeking jobs that require Spanish as a second language.

Business Spanish lessons are offered as One-to-One and Two-to-One. Language Trainers also offers private group classes. These group classes are perfect for corporations whose employees and colleagues would like to come together for a business Spanish lesson. There is a maximum of 8 students per group.

All lessons last one hour. Minimum booking: 10 hours.

Spanish Beyond the Phrasebook
Online Spanish Lessons for Travelers

Those students planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country will find this course especially useful. This brief course –made up of ten 1-hour sessions—is to help students prepare for their upcoming travels abroad. Students will have very little need for a Spanish phrasebook after completion of this course. Our trainers will guide the students through the daily customs and culture in Spain and/or Latin America to ensure smooth travels. Once students have completed their lessons, they will know how to introduce themselves in Spanish, make hotel accommodations, order food, shop, and ask for directions confidently.

This course is available as ten 1-hour sessions (or five 1-hour sessions if there is little time left before the departure date).

We are hiring Spanish teachers. If you have experience teaching Spanish online, please send us your resume or CV.