Online French Lessons

With our Online French classes, you can cover general, business or technical language French at any level. Our online tutors will also provide French cultural training for those who are planning a trip to France, Quebec or another French-speaking country.

Online General French Lessons

This course is available for students of all skill levels from Beginner to Advanced. All students will be taught French grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, adjusted to their skill level. Each student will finish the course with a more profound understanding and deeper appreciation of the French language along with improved pronunciation and fluency.

Beginners to the French language will be guided through the fundamentals of French grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. All beginners will commence their course with Survival French, designed to introduce students to the daily customs and rituals of French-speaking countries. Following Survival French, the Language Trainers student will continue his or her course with a lesson plan tailor-made to suit the student.

Students with higher fluency levels will be taught more complex French grammatical structures and vocabulary. Students will work with trainers to improve their pronunciation and fluency, and be introduced to slang terms used in the French-speaking world.

Our French course is a wonderful option for those planning a vacation to a French-speaking country, moving overseas, or simply have a love of the language.

Both One-to-One and Two-to-One courses are available. Language Trainers also offers Private (closed) Group classes which can have a flexible schedule organized at the convenience of the students. Students who wish to participate in a Private Group will form their own group with interested friends, colleagues, or family members. Maximum group size is 8 students.

All One-to-One and Two-to-One group classes last one hour.

Online Business French Lessons

Want to further your career or impress potential employers/clients with your French? We’ve designed the perfect course for you.

French beginners will be taught the basics of the French language including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, French business etiquette and proper greetings. Telephone French and E-mail French will also be part of the Beginner course. These courses will teach the student proper formalities when answering a telephone or replying to an email in French during business hours. Students who are more advanced in the French language can expect to concentrate more on French document reading than writing. These students will be trained in the necessary skills required by their companies. All students can expect to end the course with an improved fluency level and better knowledge of Business French.

These courses are available as Private Group Classes, One-to-One and Two-to-One classes. Private group classes are arranged according to the schedules of the students and teacher. Students are able to form their own classes. This makes it ideal for companies who wish to train their employees simultaneously in Business French. The maximum group size is 8 people per group.

French Beyond the Phrasebook
Online French Lessons for Travelers

Students who are about to embark on a trip to a French-speaking country will appreciate the ease of our French Traveler’s course! Trainers will teach students the fundamentals of the French language, and will go beyond the phrasebook by practicing pronunciation, learning slang, and discovering the culture with their student. Once students finish the course, they can expect to be much more confident in their French-speaking abilities. At the end of the lesson, students will be able to do the following in French:

  • Make hotel accommodations
  • Order food
  • Shop confidently
  • Give and receive instructions and directions
  • Converse with the locals without needing a phrasebook
  • Exchange money
  • And more!

If a student is traveling to a French-speaking country for a particular reason, our trainers can alter the course outline to combine the student’s requests within the lesson (such as: child adoption, relocation overseas to a French-speaking country, buying property, etc.). Be sure to state these requests when filling out your inquiry.

Beyond the Phrasebook classes are available as ten 1-hour sessions.

If there is not much time for study before the trip, this course can be reduced to five 1-hour sessions.

We are hiring French teachers. If you have experience teaching French online, please send us your resume or CV.