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Have friends and family overseas? Want to travel? Thinking of expanding your business abroad?  Enroll in foreign language classes in Caledon East. Around Caledon East, international populations continue to grow as business and personal relationships expand overseas. How will you keep up?

See what opportunity awaits in both Caledon East and abroad. Whether you want to learn a foreign language for work, travel, or personal reasons, Language Trainers can help you reach your goal.  Arrange your class times when and where you want them, and focus on what you need to know with a native, qualified tutor in Caledon East. Want to get started? Contact Language Trainers and we’ll connect you with a tutor in Caledon East.

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Interesting Language Facts

There are about 225 indigenous languages in Europe.

Being fluent in two languages enhances a person's ability to concentrate.

The onset of dementia can be delayed by 4 years in bilinguals compared to monolinguals.
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Our clients include:

EuroCaps Ltd

Evonik Goldschmidt Corporation

Louis Capital Markets


Client testimonials

See some of the testimonials we have received from our clients.

”I am really enjoying the course and feel we are going at a comfortable pace. I am content with the entire course.”

Arsheen Dhalla Swedish course in Calgary, Team Lead, Pure North S’Energy Foundation

”The whole experience has been very positive and I feel that your company did a great job finding an excellent instructor. The results speak for themselves.”

Sara Petrcich Croatian course in Toronto