40+ Vietnamese Expressions for Travellers

As a traveller in Vietnam, it’s important to understand the local language. Not only can speaking Vietnamese help you get around and make the most of your travel experience, but it will also help you to show respect for the locals and their culture. To get you started, here are 40+ Vietnamese expressions that you should learn before you get on a plane.

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What’s Vietnamese for Hello? – Vietnamese Greetings

Whether it’s a friendly greeting, a formal introduction, or a random “Hi” to a stranger in a bar, using Vietnamese expressions to say hello and goodbye is a great way to get started in the Vietnamese language.

Here is Vietnamese for Hello and some common greetings in Vietnamese:

Vietnamese for Hello

  1. Chào – Hi
  2. Xin chào – Hello

More Vietnamese greetings

  1. Chào buổi sáng – Good morning
  2. Chào buổi chiều – Good afternoon
  3. Buổi tối vui vẻ – Good evening

Introducing yourself

  1. Tên tôi là… – My name is…
  2. Rất vui được gặp bạn – Nice to meet you
  3. Đo la niêm vinh hạnh của tôi – The pleasure is mine
  4. Saying goodbye
  5. Tạm biệt – Goodbye
  6. Chúc ngủ ngon – Goodnight
  7. Hẹn gặp lại – See you later

Image by Anna Tarazevich, via Pexels

What’s Vietnamese for Thank You? – Courtesy Vietnamese Expressions

Saying thank you is an important part of any language and in Vietnam, it’s no different. By using common Vietnamese expressions of gratitude, you can show your appreciation to the locals and make them feel appreciated even if that’s the only thing you can say in their language!

So, now that you know what is Vietnamese for hello, let’s see what’s Vietnamese for Thank you.

Vietnamese for Thank You

  1. Cảm ơn – Thank you
  2. Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều! – Thank you so much
  3. Tôi đánh giá cao sự giúp đỡ của bạn – I appreciate your help

More courtesy Vietnamese expressions

  1. Vui lòng – Please
  2. Xin lỗi – Excuse me
  3. Tôi xin lỗi – I apologise
  4. Tha thứ cho tôi – Pardon me

Eating  Out: Vietnamese Restaurant Phrases

Last week, we brought you a guide to the best Vietnamese restaurants in Canada (link). Now it’s time for you to experience Vietnamese food in its homeland!

But before you do, make sure you know some of the most common Vietnamese expressions for eating out so that you can order your food like a pro.

Feeling hungry already? Write down the expressions below and head to the nearest Pho eatery!

Before eating


  1. Tôi có thể xem thực đơn không? – Can I see a menu?
  2. Chuyên môn của bạn là gì? – What’s your specialty?
  3. Bạn có đề nghị nào không? – Do you have any suggestions?
  4. Tôi muốn đặt hàng – I would like to order

While you eat

  1. Nhà vệ sinh ở đâu? – Where’s the washroom?
  2. Tôi có thể có một thức uống khác? – Can I have another drink?
  3. Có một vấn đề với đơn đặt hàng của tôi – There’s a problem with my order

After your meal


  1. Tôi có thể xem hóa đơn chứ? – Can I have the bill?
  2. Cảm ơn bạn cho dịch vụ của bạn – Thank you for your service
  3. Thức ăn rất ngon – The food was delicious

Image by Dương Nhân, via Pexels

Vietnamese Expressions for Shopping

When you’re in Vietnam, don’t forget to explore the markets and shops! Whether you want to buy souvenirs for your friends, or clothes, or just browse the goods, it’s always good to know a few Vietnamese expressions for inquiring about prices, payment methods, and –why not– do a bit of bargaining!

To help you out, we’ve listed a few of the most useful Vietnamese expressions for shopping:

Clothes shopping

  1. Bạn có mặt hàng này trong màu sắc khác? – Do you have this item in other colours?
  2. Tôi có thể thử cái này không? – Can I try this on?
  3. Mà là phòng thử đồ? – Where is the fitting room?
  4. Cái này có các kích cỡ khác không? – Does this come in other sizes?

Prices and payment

  1. Cái này bao nhiêu? – How much is this?
  2. Bạn có chấp nhận thẻ tín dụng? – Do you accept credit cards?
  3. Tổng cộng là bao nhiêu? – Whats the total?


  1. Đó là một chút tốn kém – That’s a bit expensive
  2. Tôi không có số tiền đó ngay bây giờ – I don’t have that amount right now
  3. Bạn có thể giảm giá cho tôi không? – Can you offer me a discount?

Vietnamese Expressions to Ask for Help

When you find yourself in an unfamiliar place and need some help, it’s always a good idea to know how to ask for help in the local language. That way, the locals will feel more at ease, and be more willing to help you out. Here are some Vietnamese expressions to ask people to assist you in different situations:

Asking for directions in Vietnamese

  1. Xin hỏi đường đi đâu? – Excuse me, which way is it to…?
  2. Bạn có thể cho tôi hướng dẫn không? – Could you please give me directions to…?
  3. Chị có biết nơi này không? – Do you know this place?

Asking for help during an emergency

  1. Cứu giúp! – Help!
  2. Tôi cần sự trợ giúp của bạn – I need your help
  3. Tôi có thể mượn điện thoại của bạn không? – Can I borrow your phone?
  4. Chúng tôi cần một bác sĩ ở đây! – We need a doctor here

Nuances of the Vietnamese language and culture – FAQs

1.   How do you greet a Vietnamese girl?

Use the Vietnamese phrase for Hello, “xin chao” (seen chow) + given name + title. If you want to be extra respectful when greeting a Vietnamese girl or woman, shake with both hands and bow your head slightly. This is a good way to show respect in Vietnam.

2.   How do you show respect in Vietnam?

If you want to show respect in Vietnam, try to learn some basic Vietnamese phrases and customs. Greet people using etiquette and bow slightly upon the first introduction. Also, avoid standing with your arms crossed or your hands on your hips. Last, respect those older than you and never flaunt your money.

3.   What are some cute nicknames in Vietnamese?

In Vietnam, you can usually use the same nicknames for both boys and girls. Some of the most common cute nicknames are “Mèo” (a cat), “Tít” (small eyes), “Tí” (little, tiny) and “Bô Bô” (a sound that imitates baby noises).

4.   How do you introduce yourself in Vietnamese?

When introducing yourself in Vietnamese, use the Vietnamese for Hello “Xin chào”  + your given name if the exchange is informal. If it’s formal, you can use the phrase “Rất vui được gặp bạn” (Nice to meet you). Alternatively, you can say: Tên tôi là _____. Của bạn là gì? (My name is _____. What’s yours?).

It may seem like a lot to learn when you see all these phrases listed together,

but don’t worry — you don’t need to learn them all by heart. Just save this blog and, if you ever need to use Vietnamese to get by, browse through it and find the expressions you need.

With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to impress locals with your knowledge of Vietnamese expressions in no time!

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