The 5 Best Female Characters from Harry Potter

The first Harry Potter book was released in 1997, way before feminism was part of the mainstream conversation. And yet, from Hermione Granger to Luna Lovegood and Professor McGonagall, JK Rowling created a world full of female role models in her wizarding universe that seemed way ahead of their time.

From brave warriors to powerful leaders, inventors, and fierce Quidditch players, the female characters from Harry Potter have inspired generations of readers and movie-goers. Most importantly, these characters perfectly illustrate the cultural and linguistic diversity of the UK, showing that strong female characters can come from anywhere.

Here are 5 beloved female characters from Harry Potter and how they have inspired viewers all over the world.

Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger via Pinterest.

“Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.”

Arguably the most famous female character in Harry Potter, Hermione was a dedicated student who always strived to be the best no matter what it took. The fearless sidekick who never backed down from a challenge, Hermione was the brains behind much of Harry Potter’s success in his battle against Voldemort.

Hermione’s most iconic moment

Setting up the DA. In the fifth book/film, Hermione showcases her organisational skills and determination by forming Dumbledore’s Army to teach the students how to defend themselves against dark magic, in a context in which the Ministry of Magic was in denial of the return of Lord Voldemort.

Hermione Granger: Cultural and linguistic background

The only daughter of two British dentists, Hermione is played in the films by Emma Watson, who has perfect RP pronunciation. As a result, she is the perfect model for anyone who wants to learn “Standard English”.

Luna Lovegood

“I’ve interrupted a deep thought, haven’t I? I can see it growing smaller in your eyes.”

Luna Lovegood, via Pinterest.

At first glance, Luna is easily identifiable as an outsider and a bit odd. But what many viewers love about her is that she never stopped being herself and embraced her eccentricities — something we could all take away from her story.

But it’s not just her ethereal uniqueness that we love. Since her first appearance in the fifth book and film, her staunch loyalty and unwavering belief in Harry’s mission served as a source of comfort for Harry, Ron, and Hermione throughout their adventures. Until the very end, she was fiercely loyal to her friends and always ready to come to their aid in a difficult situation.

Luna’s most iconic moment

When she joined Harry and the gang in their hunt for Horcruxes to help save Hogwarts and Dumbledore. In this context, Luna not only showed her loyalty to her friends but also her courage by risking her own safety.

Luna Lovegood: Cultural and linguistic background

Played brilliantly by the Irish actress Evanna Lynch in the films, who was herself a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter series, Luna has a lovely Irish accent, making her one of the very few Irish female heroes in movies.

Molly Weasley

Molly Weasley, via Pinterest.

“Not my daughter, YOU B*TCH.”

The matriarch of the Weasley family, Mrs. Weasley is as warm-hearted and maternal as they come. Over the course of the series, she welcomed Harry into her home like a son, feeding him, doting on him — even when she had reasons to be scared for her own children’s safety.

A maternal figure to both Harry and the readers, Molly also showed amazing bravery by joining the battle against Voldemort and his Death Eaters at the end of the series.

Molly’s most iconic moment

Molly’s showdown with Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of Hogwarts is a powerful moment that showcases her motherly strength and courage. Even though she knew it was a seemingly impossible fight, Molly still got into the battle to protect her children from the evil witch.

Molly Weasley’s cultural and linguistic background

In the books, Rowling describes the Weasley family as a big family of limited means. Played by the English actress Julie Walters in the movies, Mrs. Weasley has a strong Londoner accent that perfectly illustrates the way of speaking of the English working class.

Cho Chang

Cho Chang, via Pinterest.

“You really are a good teacher, Harry.”

Cho was Harry’s first love interest in the series. She is known for her bravery and compassion when it came to standing up against injustice, especially when it came to protecting her friends. Although she wasn’t as strong and brave as Hermione, Cho always managed to find a way to contribute and help out in moments of peril.

Described as a talented Quidditch player, she showed us that, in the Wizarding World, women can be just as good at sports as men. In fact, even the professional Quidditch teams that represent their countries at the Quidditch World Cup are composed of both men and women in the magical world!

Cho’s most iconic moment

Cho stood up to Umbridge in Order of the Phoenix when she was looking for Harry and his friends to stop them from forming Dumbledore’s Army. Despite the threat of expulsion, Cho refused to give away her friends and showed courage in the face of authority, all while risking her perfect reputation as one of Hogwarts’ brightest students.

Cho Chang’s cultural and linguistic background

A Scottish citizen of Chinese descent, Cho Chang was played by the Scottish actress Katie Leung in the films. This cultural diversity adds another layer of depth to Cho’s character and reminds us of the importance of having diverse female heroes in movies for girls to look up to.

Professor Minerva McGonagall

Professor McGonagall, via Pinterest.

“Five points will be awarded to each of you for sheer dumb luck.”

The beloved Transfiguration teacher of Hogwarts, McGonagall is a stern but fair professor who can easily take charge of any situation. Throughout the series she was a role model to the young students, educating them not only with her classes but also with her example of courage and integrity.

Strict, ironic, and occasionally humorous, Professor McGonagall was an important pillar in the struggle against Voldemort, and one of the few adults in the series to treat Harry as an equal, not as a child.

McGonagall’s most iconic moment

During Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, McGonagall does not hesitate to stand in defence of a teacher she doesn’t even like, Divination teacher Sybill Trelawney, against the evil Dolores Umbridge, her in front of the whole school. McGonagall’s loyalty to her co-workers and determination to protect the standards of Hogwarts is a testament to her unwavering ethics.

Professor McGonagall: Cultural and linguistic background

Minerva McGonagall was the only daughter of a Scottish Presbyterian minister and a Hogwarts-educated witch. Though not much is known about her early life, it is mentioned that she grew up in the Highlands of Scotland.

The character of McGonagall was perfectly brought to life by English actress Maggie Smith. The marked Scottish accent she composed for the film and her fierce performance gave the character a sense of strength and intelligence that has earned her a place in the hearts of millions around the world.

More than 10 years after the conclusion of the Harry Potter series, these female characters continue to be role models for young girls, showing them that courage comes in many forms and that women have the right and the power to be heard.

Female Heroes in Movies

The fact that we have had these formidable female heroes in movies watched by billions of people, is a sign that the times are changing and that it is important to recognize and celebrate the power of women. In a world full of uncertainty, these female characters from Harry Potter continue to be a source of hope, courage, and inspiration for viewers all around the world.

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