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Vancouver is a multicultural city with a wealth of vibrant communities, each with their own religions, ethnicities and languages. In fact, take a short walk around the streets and you realize very quickly that most city-dwellers speak at least two languages: Some of the most-spoken languages in the city are French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Italian and Punjabi, according to the 2016 provisional census. Also, the metropolitan area of Vancouver contains the second-largest Chinatown in North America (after San Francisco's), as well as many other international neighbourhoods, such as the Punjabi Market, Greektown, Japantown and Little Italy. As you can see, there is a great variety of nationalities and cultures in Vancouver, so those who would like to connect with these diverse communities should certainly learn a second language to improve communication, understanding and cultural exchange.

Where to Practise Foreign Languages in Vancouver: Sign up for a language course with us at Language Trainers and you will be fluent in no time, no matter how challenging the language you want to learn! Still, there is only so much you can learn in a classroom and it is crucial to practise outside the classroom and use your new skills in a real-life setting. Luckily, you will not be short of opportunities to put your new language into play in Vancouver. For example, you can join the Vancouver Language Club, an exchange group with more than 3,000 members that organises exciting activities and gatherings for those who want to speak in a language other than English or French while having some fun and socialising together! Another option is the Vancouver International Conversation Club, which encourages new language learners to meet up and practise. Why not attend their weekly meet-ups, then, to put your skills to use while making new friends in Vancouver?

Where to Study Foreign Languages in Vancouver: The city is home to highly regarded international universities, such as the University of British Columbia and the University of Vancouver, which is great for those who are looking to get certified in a foreign language. For example, the University of British Columbia offers conversational courses in several languages, including French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese and more. However, if you are more interested in pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a language, you will need to have at least an intermediate level to enrol in these programs, which you must demonstrate by passing an official exam. Fortunately, we can help you get ready with our Exam Preparation course, a personalized program that our expert teachers will adapt to your requirements and needs. For example, if you are studying French, we can help you get ready for the DALF exam, which can be taken at the Alliance Francaise on Cambie Street.

Language Jobs in Vancouver: Learning languages around Vancouver will also help you get a new job. Today, Vancouver finds itself in a unique position as a bridge between the East and West after Canada recently signed free trade agreements with both the EU and several nations across the Pacific. Plus, it is considered to be one of the best places in the world for start-ups; companies like Unbounce, Hootsuite and Perch all have their headquarters in Vancouver and the city is becoming renowned as a technology capital. These companies are expanding overseas, meaning they need more and more employees fluent in other languages who can communicate with their partners and clients abroad. Vancouver also has a lot of international Chambers of Commerce, including those of the Spanish, the Chinese, the Koreans and the Italians, all of which promote friendly business relations between their respective countries and Canada. To achieve their goal, these institutions organise events, talks and conferences all year long, so that members can network and learn more about investment opportunities around the world. Take advantage of these occasions to broaden your international business horizons!

Language Culture in Vancouver: Work and social opportunities aside, learning foreign languages will allow you to deepen your connection with other cultures in Vancouver, as well. As a multicultural, diverse city, Vancouver hosts lots of activities, festivals and events that will allow you to experience foreign cultures as if you were in their countries of origin. For instance, those studying Spanish can join the many activities organized by the Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre, such as their regular screenings of Spanish language movies all year round at the Pacific Cinematheque, or their hands-on history lessons about Latin American cultures that have settled in Canada. Meanwhile, if you are more interested in learning Italian, you will also find cultural activities and events to celebrate Canada’s close ties with Italy. One of them is an annual Italian film festival that showcases the best films in Italian cinema every year. You can also visit the Italian museum that features the best works of Italian artists. No matter the language you want to learn and the culture you want explore, there is something for everyone in Vancouver. Check out Tourism Vancouver, where you can find a list of multicultural events and festivals around the city.

Contact us at Language Trainers today and we will start designing a course that suits your preferences and objectives. Our goal is to provide each student with the ability to communicate effectively, so information about social and cultural aspects of different communities forms an integral part of each course, providing a rich context for new vocabulary and structures. Reach out to us today and our professional language tutors will go to your home or office to teach you. Or if you prefer, you can take your classes in a public place, such as at the Vancouver Public Library on Georgia St., Kafka’s Coffee and Tea on Main St. or Nemesis Coffee on Hastings St.

And if you are not living in downtown Vancouver but are based in the surrounding area, you can still book a language course with us. Our tutors are ready to meet you in places like Coquitlam, Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby.

Meet native, qualified language tutors in your area who will build a course personalized to fit your needs. Take one of our free online level tests for us to gauge your current skill level to ensure we offer you the most suitable program!

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