Have friends and family overseas? Want to travel? Thinking of expanding your business abroad?  Enroll in foreign language classes in Burnaby. Opportunity for bilinguals and multilinguals abound in Burnaby and beyond. How will you keep up?

See what opportunity awaits in both Burnaby and abroad. Learn a new language and open yourself up to new opportunities at home and throughout the world. Receive a tailor-made lesson plan designed by one of Language Trainers’s native, qualified tutors. Start your language learning journey today. Contact Language Trainers to learn more about our personalized courses in Burnaby. 

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Interesting Language Facts

Speaking 2 languages improves brain efficiency and performance.

Bilingual students have a deeper understanding of the structure of language and are more literate than monolinguals.

There are about 225 indigenous languages in Europe.
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Client testimonials

See some of the testimonials we have received from our clients.

”The Japanase lessons with Mie have been going well. I think that I have learned to speak much better over the past couple of months.”

Yonas Sulistio Japanese course in Windsor

”My teacher is great! I like how I am progressing and I always look forward to the next class.”

Brad Doyle Spanish course in Halifax, NS