French Expressions of Love and Romance

When we think about love and romance, France and the French language often come to mind. It’s no surprise, given how the French have a way of making everything sound more romantic, even when they’re just talking about dinner. This blog is for anyone who’s ever been swept off their feet by the charm of France or fallen for someone who speaks the language of love a little too well. Maybe you met someone special while visiting Paris, or you’re just a fan of the way French sounds. Either way, you’re in the right place: one filled with French expressions of love and romance.

This isn’t just about learning to say “I love you” in another language. In this blog, we’ll cover the whole spectrum of lovey-dovey stuff: different ways to express your love, cute nicknames that French speakers use, and even some French idioms that capture the complexities of love.

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So let’s get started!

1. Beyond “Je T’aime”: Different Ways of Saying I Love You in French

We all know “Je t’aime” is the classic way to say “I love you” in French. But let’s be real, sometimes you want to shake things up a bit, especially if you’re trying to impress a French-speaking sweetheart or just add some variety to your declarations of love. Here are some alternative French expressions of love that’ll help you stand out in the romance department.

  • Je t’adore (I adore you)
  • Je suis fou de toi (I am crazy about you)
  • Tu es l’amour de ma vie (You are the love of my life)
  • Mon cœur bat seulement pour toi (My heart beats only for you)
  • Je t’aime à la folie (I love you madly)
  • Je t’aime plus qu’hier moins que demain (I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow)
  • Tu es mon âme sœur (You are my soulmate)
  • Je suis éperdument amoureux de toi (I am hopelessly in love with you)

2. Cute French Nicknames for Your Significant Other

Now, onto the nicknames. Because let’s face it, calling your significant other by their first name all the time can get a bit mundane. French lovers have a knack for coming up with affectionate, sometimes quirky, nicknames. Here are some affectionate French nicknames guaranteed to earn you some extra love points.

  • Mon amour (My love) – A classic, but always a winner
  • Mon ange (My angel) – For someone who’s nothing short of heavenly.
  • Ma chérie/mon chéri (My dear) – Depending on if your significant other is female or male, respectively.
  • Mon trésor (My treasure) – Because they’re just that precious.
  • Ma puce (My flea) – It might sound weird in English, but it’s a common and affectionate term in French.
  • Mon canard (My duck) – Quirky? Yes. Cute? Absolutely.
  • Mon lapin (My rabbit) – For someone as cute as a bunny.
  • Ma biche (My doe) – A term of endearment that’s as sweet as it gets.

3. French Idioms About Love

The French idioms about love in this section add colour to how love is described, in ways that are both casual and charming.

  • Avoir un coup de foudre (To have a bolt of lightning) – Love at first sight, when it’s just as electric and sudden.
  • Être fou amoureux/folle amoureuse (To be madly in love) – For a love that’s all-consuming and passionate.
  • Vivre d’amour et d’eau fraîche (To live on love and fresh water) – Describing a couple so in love, they need little else to be happy.
  • Avoir le béguin pour quelqu’un (To have a crush on someone) – A more light-hearted, sweet initial infatuation.
  • Perdre la tête pour quelqu’un (To lose one’s head over someone) – When you’re so in love, you can’t think straight.
  • L’amour rend aveugle (Love is blind) – A reminder that love can make us overlook flaws and faults.
  • Fou de toi (Head over heels) – To be totally in love with someone

4. Apologies and Promises

Relationships aren’t always smooth sailing, and sometimes, we need to express regret or make commitments to mend fences and grow stronger. Here are some French expressions of love to navigate apologies and promises in French. Just make sure your words are heartfelt.


  • Je suis désolé(e) (I’m sorry)
  • Pardonne-moi (Forgive me)
  • Je regrette… (I regret…)
  • C’était pas mon intention de te blesser (It wasn’t my intention to hurt you)


  • Je te promets (I promise you)
  • Je jure (I swear)
  • Ça ne se reproduira plus (It won’t happen again)
  • Je vais faire de mon mieux (I will do my best)
  • Nous allons traverser ça ensemble (We will get through this together)

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