6 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Big Trip

Travelling, whether for complete novices or pros alike, can be a stressful experience at times. Sure, you have what feels like one million factors to plan and look out for. Thousands of things to remember. And, on top of it all, you always have to be somewhat flexible when everything goes to crap – which is the nature of any adventure, nine times out of ten!

Obviously, getting used to the travel lifestyle takes a lot of time and practice. While you may never get better at planning the perfect trip with no snags, at least you’ll probably get better about keeping calm when things go wrong.

And again, they almost always will at some point or another in any trip.

Trip around the world

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So, without further ado, here are 6 things to keep in mind when planning a big trip. Happy travelling!

1. Something will probably go wrong – don’t stress about what will go wrong, just be prepared

No matter what is thrown at you, it’s important to stay calm. But, even more importantly, it’s important to remember that you know how to handle anything that comes your way. So, be it a missed train ride or a cancelled hotel booking, you’ll know exactly how to handle anything that the travel gods throw your way.

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2. Get ready to be resourceful

With time comes resourcefulness. Maybe in your previous life you never saw yourself speaking a foreign language or approaching strangers with questions, but here we go. Whenever you’re on the go, you’ll learn quickly how to be resourceful and productive with the time and effort that you have to give.

Road trip

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3. Swallow your Type A monster and let your Type B buddy take the reins sometimes

Sure, we all have the Type A monster somewhere inside us. The only problem is that your Type A monster will not survive outside your moderate comfort zone. And, if traveling involves leaving your comfort zone at all, then type A monster will likely be unhappy at some point. That’s where our Type B buddy has to take over. We need to relax while we travel, and have confidence in the fact that we won’t always know what the next plan is. But, we’ll always be able to solve the problem in front of us. That’s the difference!

4. Have back up plans for several scenarios, then have fun

As you travel, you’ll probably develop a sense of self that allows you to become more comfortable with “winging it.” If this is the case, allow yourself to let go sometimes! Make sure you’re always responsible, but also be sure to trust yourself more than you ever have.

Trip to Rome

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5. Allow yourself to feel confident in problem-solving

Problem-solving is something that people generally develop in university or on the job – to a point. When you’re a traveler – when you’re someone who’s constantly pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone – you become more comfortable with problem-solving than you ever could be in other circumstances. And, that’s a great talent. Trust yourself.

6. Always remember: You’ve got this

Just keep in mind that you’re prepared for this. You’ve got this. You can travel, you can explore, and you can have the time of your life. You will learn along the way, and you’ll correct the things that need correcting. Just enjoy the adventure!

Have more tips to share when planning an adventure? Please sure with us in the comments!