Great Things to See in Croatia

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Are you planning a visit to Croatia for your next holiday? There are so many things for you to see! Here are some of our favourites.


Old Town Dubrovnik


This place is famous for being one of the finest and most perfectly preserved medieval cities in the world. You have your cobbled streets, your Baroque churches, and more markets and bazaars to explore than you’ll have time for. Dubrovnik has gone through many changes over the centuries, from being a trading port rival to Venice to surviving a catastrophic earthquake. There is so much history to soak up here, that you will be spoilt for choice. Why not pick up a few words in Croatian before travelling so you can listen in on what the locals are saying as well?


Source: Pixabay

Sokolarski Raptor Centre


This falconry rescue centre is an amazing place to visit for adults and kids alike. The tour will show you the birds in their natural habitat, and you’ll get to hold a few of the less-shy ones yourself. These birds are beautifully cared for, the setting stunning, and the centre itself providing a great way to educate yourself about birds of prey.


Dubrovnik cable car


The cable cars have been around since 1969 and have been enjoyed by millions of visitors taking advantage of the panoramic views, which on clear days extend to just under 40 miles. So if you enjoy the outdoors but need a rest from exploring, the cable cars are a great alternative for you! You will get the most breathtaking views over the Old City as well as out to the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. And you can enjoy all of these views while enjoying a meal or having a drink. Izbornik means menu: try some local Croatian cuisine like crni rizot (black risotto), skampi na buzaru (a seafood dish), or strukli (stuffed pastry) if you want something sweet!


Aquapark Istralandia


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This water park is one of the best in the world. You can try hydromassage pools if you are wanting to relax, or go with the kids to the various family-friendly pools designed for jumping and splashing. There is also almost a whole mile of different water slides for you to try, as well as workshops, dance courses, and concerts. And after all of that, if you need a rest, there are no less than eight amazing places to eat.


Maksimir Park


This park is the oldest public park in Zagreb, founded back in 1787. It has been landscaped numerous times in various styles over the years, and there are little traces of that changing history wherever you look. There are meadows, creeks, and lakes to explore, as well as the forest that sprawls around a thousand acres. Zagreb’s Zoo also forms part of the park territory, so you will never be short of animals to see once you have finished looking at all the birds, mammals, and insects that have made the park their home.


Sea Organ


Since Croatia has its entire western coastline along the Adriatic Sea, you have to enjoy some of the most fantastic views and beautiful beaches while you’re there. And in doing so, the Sea Organ is a great place to stop. It is an architectural sound art object as well as an experimental musical instrument, which plays music by way of the sea waves and a network of tubes under its marble steps.

One of the best parts about Croatia is its beautiful language. Croatian seems to blend perfectly with the surroundings and speaking a few phrases will improve your vacation immensely. Unfortunately Croatian isn’t the easiest language to learn, and the resources on the internet are not as rich as for languages such as French or Italian. The Wikivoyage Phrasebook will give you the very basics, but if you are looking to actually get a handle on the language and really take advantage of all Croatia can offer, Language Trainers can help! We can provide you with a native speaking teacher and help you prepare to fully enjoy every day in this wonderful country.