7 Things Every Tourist Must Do in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city in terms of population, situated along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. Its importance as a hub for the film and TV industry has shown huge growth in recent years, with film and TV production exceeding $2 billion in 2017. So if seeking out your favourite celebrities is your kind of thing, there is already one activity to keep you busy if you choose to visit Toronto!

But what else is there to do in this diverse metropolis with sprawling green spaces and its iconic landmark the CN Tower? Here are seven things you should try to do when in Toronto.


Photo via Wikimedia

1. Recreation

If open space is something you want to indulge in, your first port of call in Toronto should probably be High Park. With sunken gardens, hanging basket gardens, nature trails, natural ponds, and streams, this 165-acre country property is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Toronto.

2. Island hopping

Toronto Islands is another stunning place to visit, with numerous beautiful walks around the islands as well as activities like rowing, sailing and swimming for you to take part in. There are marinas, open-air events, and an amusement park to keep you busy as well! All just a short ferry ride from shore!

3. Educational

Sometimes it’s nice to spend some time in the museums of the places you are visiting, and for Toronto this is no exception. The Royal Ontario Museum has an international reputation for excellence, with an incredible collection and major exhibitions from around the world.

If science is more your thing, the Ontario Science Center is the place for you. This is a family oriented attraction that overlooks the Don Valley, demonstrating the very latest developments in in technology, telecommunications, optics, biology, physics, space travel, and meteorology. And the best thing is, there are tons of interactive displays, so you get to play with the science too!

Toronto downtown

Photo via Wikimedia

4. Visit the districts

Thankfully not like the districts in Hunger Games, some of Toronto’s districts are must-visit spots that you’d be disappointed to miss out on. The Distillery District is a restored historic area that these days is a hugely popular entertainment and shopping district. Here you will find boutiques, galleries, and artists’ studios, as well as a number of venues for performing arts.  

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The Entertainment District has long been coined Toronto’s answer to New York’s Broadway. So if theatrical productions of shows and musicals, along with concerns and other performing arts are a draw for you, here is where you should head!

5. Shopping

The Eaton Center at the north end of the Central Business District is kind of a city all on its own. It has its own subway station, and though this is in theory little more than a shopping complex, it is a veritable maze of different department stores, specialty shops, and boutiques for you to spend your hard earned cash in. And in between shopping there are plenty of restaurants, cafeterias, and snack bars for you to refuel in. What more could you want?

Toronto sports

Photo via Flickr

6. Spectator sport

Just about everyone has heard of the Rogers Centre, a massive domed sports arena that is one of Toronto’s most famous landmarks. This all-weather Centre has capacity for thousands of fans, be it baseball or football that is the draw — or even musicians.

7. Architecture everywhere

Sure, you can visit the 553-meter tall CN Tower, and yes, the City Hall offers some spectacular architecture for you to enjoy. But if all that grandiose architecture is a little too much for you, then you can always turn your attention to two of Toronto’s smaller attractions. The Half House dates back to the slums of the 19th century and has a fascinating history, and The Little House is the smallest house built in Toronto, and probably a much wider area besides!

We’ve barely scratched the surface of all the things to attract you to Toronto, this is only to get you started. There are zoos and aquariums, spas and boat tours, day trips to the Niagara Falls, and a hundred other things besides. St. Lawrence Market is worth a stroll through if you want a bite to eat, and between food tours and some of the best international restaurants, you will never be too far away from a good meal.

So. What are you waiting for?