Plan on working overseas, travelling, or connecting with friends and family abroad? Enroll in foreign language classes in Windsor. Opportunity for bilinguals and multilinguals abound in Windsor and beyond. How will you keep up?

Keep up with Windsor. Learn a second (or third! or fourth!) foreign language in Windsor. Meet a native, qualified tutor in Windsor and create a course, tailor-made to fit your learning goals and busy schedule. Get started today! Contact Language Trainers and we’ll connect you with a tutor in Windsor.

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Interesting Language Facts

Bilingual students have a deeper understanding of the structure of language and are more literate than monolinguals.

A parliamentary committee study revealed that 40% of all government positions were designated bilingual in Canada.

Bilingual students are more likely to succeed in school than their monolingual counterparts.
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Client testimonials

See some of the testimonials we have received from our clients.

”The German lessons are going very well. Frau has me on a very good course of learning! I have found her approach with me very motivating.”

Rob Purves German course in Windsor

”I have been learning Japanese for about 8 months, covering hiragana and katakana, grade 1-3 kanji reading, and volume II of "Japanese for Busy People". Overall, I'm very satisfied with my Japanese classes.”

Yonas Sulistio Japanese course in Windsor