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Brampton. Since the days when it was known as Canada’s “Flower Town,” Brampton has grown into a strong, diverse city with an immigrant population that outnumbers native Canadians. In light of Brampton’s thriving East Indian community, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu are common languages to hear in all areas. Many more immigrants continue to flock towards the city’s powerful manufacturing economy and international business headquarters. In addition, Brampton’s status as a centre for international hockey tournaments draws thousands of tourists from all over the globe.

Keep up with Brampton. Connect with the city's international community, expand your business overseas, and feel more confident when travelling abroad. Meet a Language Trainers native, qualified tutor in Brampton. We'll customize a foreign language course that will both fit your busy schedule and help you attain your foreign language goals. Take a free online language level test to see how good your language skills are. Then, send us a quick inquiry to learn more about our personalized course packages in your area!

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Foreign Language Speakers

Foreign Language Speakers

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No. of Immigrants

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  • Lloyd's Register
    Lloyd's Register
  • Nissan Technical Centre Europe
    Nissan Technical Centre Europe
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
    Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  • SI Group Inci
    SI Group Inci