What Is the Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Canada?

Vietnamese cuisine is a wonderful combination of fresh herbs, aromatic spices, and savoury broths that can be enjoyed by anyone and Vietnamese restaurants are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, and with good reason. The dishes are not only delicious but also nutritious, with a range of options for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. In this article, we will take you on a city-by-city guide so you can find the best Vietnamese restaurant in your city.

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Finding the best Vietnamese restaurant: Vancouver

With a large Vietnamese community, Vancouver is known for its diverse range of Vietnamese restaurants. Phnom Penh (244 E. Georgia St) is a favourite among locals, with its famous Crispy Chicken Wings and Butter Beef. Other notable restaurants include:

Anh and Chi

Anh and Chi is an award-winning Vietnamese restaurant where you can try Bánh Hot (crispy prawn cakes), Lụi Nướng (grilled skewers), and the delicious Gỏi Rau Muống (water spinach beef salad).

Address: 3388 Main St

Ba Le Sandwich Shop

As its name suggests, this place is known for its delicious banh mi sandwiches. Other popular dishes include Pho Bo Tai (rare beef noodle soup) and Bánh Cuốn (rice paper rolls).

Address: 633 Main St

Our favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver: Lunch Lady

For generations, locals and global voyagers alike have been indulging in the scrumptious daily rotating noodle soups Mrs. Nguyen Thi Than, also known as the legendary lunch lady.

Located in the Chinatown district, Lunch Lady achieves culinary excellence by combining the best local ingredients of the Pacific Northwest with Chef Nguyen Thi Thanh’s expertise in Vietnamese flavours – all with a smile on her face.

Address: 1046 Commercial Dr

Image by RODNAE Productions, via Pexels

Finding the best Vietnamese restaurant: Edmonton

Edmonton may not have as many Vietnamese restaurants as Vancouver, but it still has some of the best. Tau Bay (10660 98 St NW), for example, is a must-visit, known for its large portions and delicious pho.

Other top contenders include:

King Noodle House Pho Hoang

This wonderful, family-friendly Vietnamese restaurant is best known for its delicious and accessible combos. Our favourite? Como B: a Vietnamese condensed milk iced coffee + a large bowl of pho of the customer’s choice + a spring rolls and grilled pork balls tray.

Address: 10613 97 St NW


A relaxed and casual eatery, Pagolac is known for its beef fondu, grilled pork meatballs, and grilled beef “La Lop Shish-Ka-Bob” (minced beef wrapped with a “La Lop” leaf).

Address: 7137 Argyll Rd NW

Thanh Thanh Oriental Noodle House: Our Favourite Vietnamese Restaurant in Edmonton

Are you looking for a place where dishes are large, full of flavour, reasonably priced and consistently delicious? For more than 30 years, Thanh Thanh Oriental Noodle House has been providing Edmontonians with authentic and accessible Vietnamese dishes.

The star dish of this wonderful Vietnamese restaurant: The Soup Lovers Medium Rare Beef Pho with Rice Noodles.

Address: 10718 101 St NW

Finding the best Vietnamese restaurant: Toronto

Toronto is home to a large Vietnamese community, so it’s no wonder it has some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in the country. One of the most popular is Pho Hung (350 Spadina Ave.), with its delicious pho and spring rolls, and its relaxing, neighbourhood atmosphere.

Other excellent options include:

Little Piggy’s

Ready for a big meal? At Little Piggy’s, you can start with a Goi Cuon (fresh spring rolls with vegetables and prawns), and then try a delicious Tonkinese soup with beef, chicken or vegetables, garnished with bean sprouts, Thai basil and chilli pepper.

Address: 469 Bloor St W

Anh Dao

Since 1983, this hidden gem has been serving up some of the best Vietnamese dishes in the city. With beautiful walls and artwork and an inviting atmosphere, this is the perfect Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto to try fragrant and beautifully charred meat dishes.

Address: 383 Spadina Ave.

Banh Mi Boys: Our favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto

They say that food tastes better when you enjoy it with friends or family, and Banh Mi Boys is a testament to that. The Banh Mi Boys are three brothers who made their debut in Toronto in 2011, introducing the city to the authentic ingredients and flavours of traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Since then, the three brothers have been providing mouth-watering creations (including a juicy Hot Beef nestled in a crispy baguette), and they’ve garnered quite a big following. With vegan-friendly, gluten-free options, and delicious classic Vietnamese dishes,

Banh Mi Boys is a great place to visit when you’re looking for something delicious and different.

Address: 399 Yonge Street

Image by RODNAE Productions, via Freepik

Finding the best Vietnamese Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal is home to some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Canada. One of the top spots for Pho, Spring Rolls and other delicious dishes is Mỹ Cảnh (1086 St Laurent Blvd.) This family restaurant has been serving up traditional Vietnamese food for years and continues to delight diners with its classic recipes.

Other recommendations:

Pho Lien

A true classic amongst Montreal’s Vietnamese cuisine, Pho Lien is an always-bustling spot where everyone can find something to their liking. While most come for the wonderfully dished-up pho, there’s a varied menu of grilled options. Our favourite? The Lemongrass Beef.

Address: 5703B Chem. de la Côte des Neiges

Marché Hung Phat

Do you have a sweet tooth? Marché Hung Phat has an impressive selection of desserts that will satisfy your cravings. And that’s not all – this Vietnamese place also offers an array of savoury, quick bites like banh mi (Montreal’s best in our opinion) — which they prepare with fresh vegetables and homemade sauces.

Address: 7099 Saint-Denis St

Tran Cantine Vietnamienne: Our favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Montreal

Tran Cantine Vietnamienne is a newcomer— but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. This minimalistic and decidedly chic restaurant offers an inventive and modern take on traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

The menu is packed with tasty dishes— like the crispy pork belly and spring rolls, as well as some delicious desserts! In little more than one year, this excellent restaurant has made quite a name for itself in the city.

Sure, it can be crowded sometimes— but that just proves how popular Tran Cantine is!

Address: 4690 Notre-Dame St W

Finding the best Vietnamese restaurant: Victoria

Victoria is home to some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Canada. For a unique twist on traditional dishes, visit Vietnam Garden (524 Admirals Rd). This café offers modern Vietnamese cuisine like seared Sashimi and Avocado Roll with Tempura Flakes, or the spicy and sour Laotian-style Laksa.

Here are other amazing options:

Vietnam House

Vietnam House is a family-owned spot that specializes in genuine yet unique Vietnamese food. Thanks to their vibrant but homemade dishes, Vietnam house is ideal for both longtime connoisseurs and those who are just starting to familiarise themselves with Vietnamese cuisine.

Address: 3189 Quadra St

Pho Vy

Pho Vy is a cozy, modern Vietnamese restaurant located in the heart of Victoria. The menu includes creative noodle dishes such as Steak Pho and Pork-bone Broth Noodles. But if you’re looking for something different, try their Pork Belly Banh Mi or one of their tasty Bubble Teas.

Address: 772 Fort St

Le Petit Saigon: Our Favourite Vietnamese Restaurant in Victoria

If you’re looking for a fancy place with trendy decoration, this may not the right place for you. However, if you’re looking for flavourful and fresh-tasting Vietnamese dishes, Le Petit Saigon is the perfect destination.

The restaurant serves up a variety of traditional and fusion dishes, including Crispy Spring Rolls, Lemongrass Beef Skewers, Coconut Curry Chicken and more. The portions are generous and all the ingredients are always fresh – so you won’t be disappointed with your food. Plus, the prices are quite reasonable for such quality!

Address: 1010 Langley St

Image by Pham Cuong, via Pexels

Whether you’re in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, or Victoria, you don’t have to look far to find a delicious Vietnamese restaurant. Each city has its own unique offerings, from the famous crispy chicken wings of Phnom Penh in Vancouver to the delicious pho of Pho Tay Ho in Montreal.

So next time you’re craving some delicious Vietnamese cuisine, be sure to check out one of these fantastic restaurants.

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