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A pleasantly small but rapidly expanding city in Ontario that just recently upgraded its status from town to city in 2012, Markham has grown as a city about 3 times faster than Canada as a country and has been called the hi-tech capital of Canada. Although English is the most commonly spoken language, 57% of the population's native language is not English. With a large and growing immigrant population, many of whom hail from varying parts of Asia, Markham is not lacking in diversity.

In an up and coming, multilingual city, learning a second language will undoubtedly be an asset. Whether it be to access this technology hub's job market, to better connect with your community, or just for pleasure, learning a foreign language will give you the confidence you need to reach that goal. Ready to get started? Take one of our free online language level tests. Then contact us here to find out more about our personalized course packages and native, qualified tutors in Markham.

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Foreign Language Speakers

Foreign Language Speakers

57.2% of population
No. of Immigrants

No. of Immigrants

56.2% of population

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