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Luvaghn Brown

My rather ambitious goal was to be able to speak, read, and write Italian and Lia has helped me work towards that

Good morning Luvaghn, how are you?

I’m well, thanks.

Good to hear. Thanks for taking the time to chat. So, tell us, which language did you study with Language Trainers, and which level were you when you began your course?

I began studying Italian about three months ago, after being referred to Language Trainers by a friend. I wouldn’t say I was a beginner, as prior to that I knew basic words and phrases, but Lia, my trainer, helped bring it all together.

Why Italian? What was your reason and what were your goals?

I’ve traveled to Italy a few times and plan on going back in the future. It’s beautiful there. I love the people and the food. While many speak English in the larger cities, the next time I go I want to be able to speak with people in the small towns we visit. Also, I have friends who are Italian and who speak Italian, and I want to converse with them in their native language.

How have the classes been going, then?

They’re going well. My rather ambitious goal was to be able to speak, read, and write Italian and Lia has helped me work towards that. I renewed my classes with her because she was such a great teacher. She uses different materials during lessons: movie clips, slide shows, poems, history and entertaining sayings I translate.

You said you have friends who speak Italian. Have they commented on your progress? Do you now speak Italian with them?

Yes, while my speaking ability is still a bit limited, we converse in Italian and they, like Lia, are very supportive and have noted my progress.

What would you say was the best part of your Language Trainers course?

Lia, my instructor. It’s tough to put in a nutshell just one reason why she’s been so helpful and motivating. There’s a lot. One of the things I most like is that she keeps me interested by varying the lessons so that I learn about the people and the country as I tackle difficult aspects of the language; like verbs! Her lesson plans include different cultural aspects of Italy. She makes it so much more than just about seeing Italian words on a piece of paper.

That’s great to hear you and your friend had such a good experience with us. Would you, in turn, recommend Language Trainers?

Yes, I would recommend Language Trainers and Lia to anyone interested in learning Italian.

You’ve mentioned your interest in a lot of the different materials Lia uses during your lessons. Before concluding, tell us, is there anything you’ve read — a certain cultural aspect you’ve studied or interesting text—that really sticks in your memory?

There were several; a poem and slide show about the central square in Bologna, the difference between how Italians use their fingers when counting, a beautiful piece, Il vero anonimo mago, about a UNICEF worker, and a very informative piece about the history of Rome, Roma: un museo all’aperto!

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