Top 6 Places to Learn Arabic

Want to learn Arabic? You’re not alone! 420 million people speak Arabic globally, making it the fifth most spoken language in the world. 25 countries have Arabic as an official language, and it is a co-official or unofficial language in many more besides. So the only trouble you might have when choosing where to study this beautiful language is deciding where you want to go! Let us help you with that!

Abu Dhabi to learn Arabic

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Abu Dhabi

This small but amazingly wealthy country in the United Arab Emirates is a great place to start your Arabic-learning adventures. From its humble beginnings as a fishing village to the sprawling contemporary city that we know today, Abu Dhabi has a richness of history and culture for you to absorb yourself in when you aren’t studying. The only difficulty you might face studying Arabic in Abu Dhabi is that the locals are almost all fluent in English! But don’t let that put you off, since there will be plenty of people who are happy to practice with you.


One of the world’s favourite places to visit in Egypt, Cairo might just be the perfect city to learn Arabic in. With its pyramids and all the other huge draws for tourism including diving, Cairo is a city with an incredible mix of students, professionals, and visitors from abroad. You will have opportunities to practice everywhere you go, and because the locals are used to foreign visitors you’ll be met with friendly smiles instead of disdainful sneers if you get things wrong! If that isn’t encouragement enough for you, we aren’t sure what is!

Learn Arabic in Jordan

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Jordan’s capital has long attracted visitors from overseas, and though that is largely due to the scenery and history of the city, it is also due to the hospitality of the Jordanians as well. These wonderfully welcoming people will be thrilled to help you practice Arabic, and what better way to immerse yourself in a language than by doing so in the company of great new friends?

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Dubai is a must-visit place in the United Arab Emirates, a city growing in importance in international affairs. It’s true that you might find a lot of people who speak English, but there will be ample opportunities for you to practice your Arabic as well. With flourishing art districts and plenty of interest in numerous sports, there are lots of ways for you to pass your time when not studying, or even to practice your Arabic In a non-formal way.


Jerusalem is home to one of the oldest cities in the world, and is hugely important to three of the world’s biggest religions, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. So if what you like to do when not studying is explore beautiful buildings and get to know a little about the religions in the world, then Jerusalem truly couldn’t be a better choice. There are 73 mosques, 1204 synagogues, and 158 churches waiting for you to visit them, and the soundtrack of church bells alongside to calls to morning prayer will truly allow you to feel immersed in a world that is built for broadening your horizons in. What better backdrop do you need for learning a language as beautiful as Arabic?


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Meknès in Morocco is our final choice on the list of great destinations for learning Arabic. Its long history of both Spanish and French colonial rule means that the culture and architecture have a strong influence of both these countries. And if you are feeling particularly adventurous then you could probably brush up on your French alongside your Arabic if you want! But with Arabic seen locally as an important language for international relations, and numerous NGOs given financial support to encourage the study of Arabic, this city is an incredible place for you to head to if you truly want the immersive language learning experience.

Arabic is a hugely important language in our world, with international relations at the forefront of so many of our minds, and the rapid expansion of business opportunities in the Middle East. Once you have mastered a little Arabic there will be no end of new places for you to go. The only question will be which beautiful destination for you to head to first when you start!