4 Reasons Why Chinese Is Still The Best Language To Know

It seems like everyone circa the early 2010s was obsessed with learning Chinese. It was held up as the must-know language, the language of the future, and parents everywhere began seeking out Chinese classes to set their kids up for Chinese fluency.

Fast forward to the current day, and it seems like the interest in Chinese has waned a bit. But why? Is it no longer an important language? Or did we all simply get complacent and forget? If you think it is no longer valuable to be able to speak Chinese, think again. Here are four reasons why Chinese is still the language we all should be learning!

chinese flag waving - Reasons Why Chinese Is Still The Best Language To Know

Photo by MojoBaron via Flickr

1. China’s economy is booming

Ten years ago, it was predicted that China’s economy would eclipse the USA’s by 2020. Well, here we are and that still hasn’t happened yet. Still, China’s economy has hardly slowed, and the country continues to boast one of the fastest-growing economies in the world (and it is expected to continue at this rapid pace for decades to come). In recent years, China’s economic influence has been seen all over the globe, whether through the products we buy, or the fact that Chinese companies are now financing many popular Hollywood films. Knowing how to speak the major language of a thriving powerhouse, like China, is going to prove incredibly useful now and in the future.

2. It looks great on your CV

Even though Mandarin is considered such a vital language and many companies from around the globe do business in China, employees who can speak Mandarin as a second language are still quite rare in countries like Canada. Simply having Mandarin as a skill on your CV will set you apart from your peers and mark you out as valuable to potential employers. Couple that with the common perception of Mandarin being a difficult language to learn, and you will be seen as someone who is not afraid to take on big challenges or push yourself to grow professionally.

3. You utilize new parts of your brain

Any kind of language learning is good for your mind, but Chinese is actually different from most other languages in that it utilizes completely different areas of your brain! Studies have shown that learning Chinese requires intense brainpower: instead of only using your left temporal lobe (the part of the brain English speakers use), you will use both the left and right by learning Chinese. Add to that the normal benefits of language learning, like the ability to multitask better than monolinguals, demonstrate higher empathy levels and show reduced signs of diseases, like Alzheimer’s, and you should already be convinced that Chinese is a language you need to tackle ASAP.

4. Access to one of the most fascinating cultures and countries in the world

typical chinese building - Reasons Why Chinese Is Still The Best Language To Know

Photo by MojoBaron via Flickr

While there are millions of people in China learning English, studies have shown that less than 1% speak it at a conversational level. This means that English in China is probably not at all as common as you may have been led to believe. Once you leave the major cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, the likelihood of finding locals who can speak English drastically decreases. Knowing how to speak Mandarin will enable you to communicate with the vast majority of Chinese people across the country and the world. You will be able to travel across China and have experiences that monolingual travellers simply cannot. And you will experience Chinese culture on a much deeper level and gain a greater appreciation for China’s varied customs and people.

So there you have it: four excellent reasons why Chinese is still the language to know! If this has inspired you to learn Chinese, our qualified native-speaking language tutors are on hand to help out with tailor-made courses and excellent learning techniques. While Chinese may seem like a daunting language to learn, our tutors will ensure the learning process is as seamless as possible and set you up with all the tools you will need for language success. Contact us today to find out more about our courses and what we have to offer!