20 Christmas Spanish Words and Phrases

Christmas is a time of warmth, joy, and connection, where people from different cultures come together to celebrate the spirit of the season. Whether you have Spanish friends, colleagues, or employees, incorporating Christmas Spanish words into your festive celebrations can be a delightful way to bond.

In this article, we’ll explore 20 Christmas-related Spanish words and phrases that will not only add a touch of authenticity to your holiday greetings but also create a bridge between cultures.

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Essential Christmas Spanish Words

1. El muñeco de nieve – Snowman

El muñeco de nieve is a whimsical creation made of snow. It often features a “zanahoria” (carrot) for the nose and two “botones” (buttons) for the eyes, bringing a playful and festive spirit to snowy landscapes.

A snowman

2. Papá Noel – Father Christmas

Papá Noel is the Spanish counterpart to Santa Claus, the jolly figure who delivers “regalos” (presents) to children around the world on Christmas Eve.

3. Los regalos – Presents

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without los regalos—gifts exchanged to express love and appreciation for one another during this special time of the year.

4. El árbol de Navidad – Christmas Tree

El árbol de Navidad is a symbol of holiday cheer, adorned with “luces” (lights), “bolas” (ornaments), and sometimes even “un ángel” (an angel) or “una estrella” (a star) on top.

5. Brindis – Toast

A toast is a charming tradition to celebrate the joy of the moment. Raising glasses and expressing good wishes is a way to share camaraderie and mark the season in a special manner.

6. La nieve – Snowflake

La nieve, or snow, transforms landscapes into winter wonderlands, covering everything with a blanket of soft, glistening flakes.

7. Nochebuena – Christmas Eve

Nochebuena is the magical evening of December 24th, filled with family gatherings, festive meals, and the anticipation of opening presents at midnight. In some countries, such as Argentina, Nochebuena is more important than Christmas itself.

8. Nochevieja – New Year’s Eve

Nochevieja marks the transition to a new year, celebrated with joyous festivities, countdowns, and the tradition of eating twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight.

9. Reno – Reindeer

Renos, or reindeer, are magical creatures associated with Santa Claus, known for pulling his sleigh to deliver presents around the world.


10. Campanas – Bells

Campanas, or bells, ring throughout the holiday season, creating a festive atmosphere and adding a musical touch to celebrations.

11. Pavo – Turkey

Turkey is a delicious Christmas food, one that symbolizes abundance and shared meals with loved ones.

12. Chimenea – Chimney

La chimenea, or chimney, plays a role in the legend of Santa Claus, as he is said to enter homes through chimneys to deliver presents.

13. Tarjeta de Navidad – Christmas card

Una tarjeta de Navidad, or Christmas card, is a thoughtful way to convey holiday “buenos deseos” (best wishes) to friends and family.

14. Vela – Candle

Una vela, or candle, illuminates the season, adding warmth and a touch of romance to festive decorations.

15. Villancicos – Christmas carols

Los villancicos are traditional Christmas carols that bring joy and merriment to the holiday season, often sung by groups of carolers.

16. La guirnalda – Wreath

La guirnalda, or wreath, adorned with “flores” (flowers) and “ramas” (branches), is a decorative symbol of unity and continuity during the Christmas season.

More Christmas Vocabulary in Spanish: Useful Phrases

While knowing the essential Christmas words adds a festive flair to your celebrations, expressing holiday greetings in Spanish can deepen the connection with those around you. Here are some useful phrases to spread joy and warmth during this special time:

17. ¡Feliz Navidad! – Merry Christmas!

A classic and heartwarming greeting to wish others a joyous Christmas season.

A Christmas toast

18. ¡Próspero Año Nuevo! – Prosperous New Year!

Extend wishes for a prosperous and fulfilling New Year with this thoughtful phrase.

19. ¡Que tengas una Nochebuena llena de amor y alegría! – May you have a Christmas Eve full of love and joy!

Express warm wishes for a magical Christmas Eve filled with love and joy.

20. ¡Que la magia de la Navidad llene tu hogar de alegría! – May the magic of Christmas fill your home with joy!

By incorporating these Christmas Spanish words and phrases into your conversations, you not only celebrate the diversity of language but also spread the joyous spirit of Christmas in a way that transcends borders.

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