Language for Travel Needs

We offer language courses for individuals who are travelling to a country where they speak another language.

If you are travelling to another country where they don’t speak English, you have two choices:

1) Stick to the beaten path, use English-speaking guides, and spend all your time with other tourists or the small number of locals who actually speak some English;

2) Or, you can take the plunge and learn the local language, meaning you can eat, drink, sleep, and dance where the locals go, get better deals on everything you buy, and have a completely different experience compared with those who simply follow their English-language guidebook.

Even if you only learn Survival language (usually 20 hours of training in most languages) you will have the basics to deal with taxi drivers, airport staff, and other officials, and service your basic needs as well as impressing the locals. Even English-speaking locals will be amazed that you made the effort to learn a bit of their language, compared to the vast majority of other native English speakers who never bothered, and they will open up their hearts and their homes to you.

For most people, their trip to another country is one of their biggest moments of their year; it’s their time off, their holiday, and can cost most of that year’s disposable income. People usually put in months of research about when to go, where to go, what to do, how much to spend, etc. Why not enhance it further by spending even just a few hours making the effort to learn the language?

Let us know when you make your inquiry that you might be travelling to another country.

Interesting Language Facts
Over 50% of company recruiters look for language skills on potential employee's resumes.
Speaking 2 languages improves brain efficiency and performance.

Client Case Studies

“Yes, the program has been extremely helpful. My teacher was the most helpful and useful”

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