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The city of Montreal is the multicultural centre of Quebec and one of the most diverse cities in the whole of Canada. You can walk from one neighborhood to the next and feel like you have passed into a different city altogether. For example, in just minutes you can go from Chinatown to Little India or Little Portugal, and explore the vastly different cultures on display. Similarly, you can venture outside of the city centre and admire places devoted to many more communities that have helped shape the cultural landscape of the city, such as those of the Ukrainians, Greeks and Italians. From Peking to Rio de Janeiro, immigrants converged in this urban center, imprinting their mark in most of its neighborhoods. Most of them even established their own businesses and are always looking to hire bilingual speakers. Today, according to the census, more than 50 languages are spoken at home in Montreal, the most popular of them being Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and Italian. So, start a language course in Montreal and you will not only take advantage of new professional opportunities but also be able to connect with these communities on whole new level while gaining new insights about their respective cultures.

If you are seeking to learn a foreign language and explore its culture, then you will be happy to know Montreal also hosts about a hundred festivals and activities all year long to celebrate its cultural diversity. Sign up for a foreign language course with us today and start enjoying all the benefits of being bilingual in Montreal!

Where to Study Foreign Languages in Montreal: Montreal is home to many reputable institutions where you can take up language courses, such as McGill University or the University of Montreal. The École de Langues of the University of Montreal, for example, is recognized for its teaching excellence of French and English as second languages. Sign up for their courses and broaden your career horizons. And if you are looking to study more exotic languages, such as Sanskrit, Persian or Tibetan, then McGill is the place for you. Further, you may decide to enrol in a Bachelor’s degree, like their Middle Eastern Studies or East Asian Studies, where you will learn about the peoples and cultures associated with these regions, as well as the languages they speak. To sign up for one of these programs, however, you will need to have at least a basic understanding of one of the languages on which the course focuses (like Japanese or Arabic, depending on the field of study you choose). But don’t worry: we can help you get ready for this exciting opportunity with our Exam Preparation course, ensuring it suits your needs and requirements. Meanwhile, if you are already studying with us at Language Trainers and would like to get an international certificate, you can do so at many institutions around the city, such as the Alliance Francaise on Avenue Viger if you are studying French. Just let us know your goals and we will help you prepare and achieve them.

Where to Practise Foreign Languages in Montreal: Learning a language in one-on-one lessons with Language Trainers is great, as we will provide you with an amazing teacher who will deliver personalized lessons to help you improve your vocabulary, grammar and communication skills at your own pace and rhythm. Still, to improve more quickly and become more confident, it is important that you practise outside the classroom. So, why not join a language exchange group around the city? These meet-ups usually organize fun, easy-going and casual events in the safe environment of a pub or café, where you will use the language in real-life situations. For example, you can join World Citizens in Montreal, which arranges weekly gatherings and activities, which can range from laser tag or eating pizza in Little Italy to going to an art gallery. Another option is Mundo Lingo Montreal, whose members meet twice per week. All levels are catered for at the meetings, so, whether you are fluent already or just a beginner, you can get involved and benefit from talking to native speakers or other learners.

Language Jobs in Montreal: The economy of Montreal is the second-largest of all the cities of Canada: it is a centre for commerce, technology, culture, finance, and world affairs in general. Furthermore, Montreal is a hub for artificial intelligence research, with many interested international companies operating in the city, including Facebook, Samsung and Google. Being companies with partners and clients overseas, these businesses are always hiring bilingual speakers to aid and improve business communications at home and abroad. Sign up for a language course and increase your chances of being hired when applying for a job at one of these international companies. Meanwhile, those who already have a business and would like to expand overseas can get in touch with the many chambers of commerce established in Montreal. These include those of the Chinese, Italian, French, Portuguese and Lebanese, all of which try to promote friendly and productive business relations by organizing networking events, conferences and talks. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to make your business grow and expand your horizons by making new acquaintances using a foreign language that you learn with Language Trainers!

Using Languages to Experience Culture in Montreal: Learning languages in Montreal is certainly useful to get a new job and to meet new people, but it will also allow you to know more about the culture(s) of the language you are learning. For example, Montreal St. Patrick's Parade has been taking place since 1824 to celebrate the Irish heritage of the city, while those studying Japanese can take part in the Otakuthon, a convention organized for anime lovers. And if you are studying French, instead, you should not miss Les FrancoFolies, the biggest French music festival in the world. It attracts over a million attendees every year and brings in over a thousand French artists from all over the world. What better way to get better acquainted with the French language than by attending this event? As you can see, in Montreal there is something for everyone. Check out Go Montreal’s website for a full list of the multicultural events organized in the city.

Start learning languages at your convenience today. Our native-speaking instructors will guide you to fluency in a short time, adapting each lesson to your individual needs and requirements, no matter how busy your schedule. You will not only become proficient in the language of your choosing but also gain cultural awareness to improve your understanding of the fascinating differences between ethnic groups. Contact us and we will make all the necessary arrangements for one of our instructors to visit you at home, your office or a public place of your choosing. We suggest taking your lessons in spaces like the Banq Grande Bibliothèque on Boulevard de Maisonneuve East, Cafe Myriade on Mackay Street or Cafe Aunja on Sherbrokee Street.

In case you are not currently living in downtown Montreal, you don’t need to worry. We have excellent tutors based in its surrounding areas and ready to get started in places like Longueuil, Pointe Claire, Bizard Island and Boucherville.

Meet our native, qualified language tutors who will adapt every course to your level of proficiency. For that, please take one of our free online level tests, so we can gauge your current skill level to ensure we offer you the most suitable program!

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