Have friends and family overseas? Want to travel? Thinking of expanding your business abroad?  Take a foreign language course in Laval before embarking on your next venture. Opportunities for bilinguals and multilinguals await. How will you keep up?

Connect with Laval on an international level. Learn a second (or third! or fourth!) foreign language in Laval. Arrange your class times when and where you want them, and focus on what you need to know with a native, qualified tutor in Laval. Get started today! Contact Language Trainers and we’ll connect you with a tutor in Laval.

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Interesting Language Facts

31% of international executives are bilingual.

Speaking 2 languages improves brain efficiency and performance.

A parliamentary committee study revealed that 40% of all government positions were designated bilingual in Canada.
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”Valentina is a perfect match. She is very knowledgeable and so sweet. My lessons with her are going great!”

Jackie Richmond Spanish course in Brampton

”The students are enjoying the courses and like the one on one with the teacher”

Kristin O’Meara French course in Toronto, Trade Marketing Manager, EV Water