Meet a country-specific expert.

No need to read long books, search for the right TED talk, or go on an expensive fact-finding mission. Language Trainers Experts bring country-specific experts to your office, via videoconferencing, at a time that works for you. For groups of up to 10 people as well as individuals. Our experts have a general class outline that covers what most people need to know and, even better, this can be tailored for your organization’s specific needs and interests. For now, you can see the classes we are currently offering but please let us know if there is a country you would like to do business in which isn’t listed below or if you are an expert yourself who would like to give classes for us. Contact us on [email protected]

Matt Jordan

MBA, Thunderbird School of Global Management
The objective of this class is to teach busy businesspeople from around the world about "Doing Business in the United States." This 4-hour class (two 2-hour sessions) also introduces students to important cultural, historical, and political information related to the US economy.
Meet our North America Business Experts. (4 hours)