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Open Group Vietnamese Courses

Find below a full list of all the Vietnamese courses we are offering at the moment. Booking is easy: just scroll down the page and select the group you want to join!
All of our language sessions have a limited number of vacancies available, so some courses may already be fully booked. However, as we offer them on a rolling cycle, you will be able to sign up for the course once it’s offered again in the near future.

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Important Course Facts.

  • Courses for every proficiency level
  • Relaxed, friendly environment
  • Real-life, motivating materials materials
  • Communicative approach
  • Certified, native-speaking instructors
  • Make friends for life

Why Learn Vietnamese Today?

Vietnamese is spoken by almost 100 million people today. This means that acquiring the language will expand your global family and deepen your understanding of the fascinating Vietnamese culture. Proficiency in Vietnamese will also make your travel experience much more enjoyable. Even though Vietnamese is often considered a difficult language for English speakers to learn, this is not entirely true. For example, grammar rules are far easier than you might expect, especially when compared with European languages. So, don’t let the reputation stop you from learning Vietnamese: contact us today!

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Benefits of an Open Group Vietnamese Course with Language Trainers Connect

If you are looking for a way to learn Vietnamese while having fun and making friends from different parts of the world, then sign up for our open group sessions with us at Language Trainers Connect!

Our native-speaking instructors are certified professionals with years of experience teaching Vietnamese via face-to-face and online courses. This means they have plenty of resources to make your lessons engaging and motivating, using TV shows, songs, short stories, and other real-life materials to spark a conversation between you and your classmates. Plus, all our courses are structured, so every attending learner is the same level of proficiency.

Upon completing our 5-week Vietnamese course, you will get a certificate that shows your new proficiency level. This will prove useful if you plan to keep on studying Vietnamese or need to demonstrate your skill level to someone else!

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Course Requirements

Wondering what type of equipment you need to sign up for our open group Vietnamese courses? Don’t worry, you only need:

A laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any electronic device with a mic & cam.

A stable Internet connection

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If you are looking to learn Vietnamese to broaden your professional and cultural horizons, Thuy will be the perfect match for you. After getting her Bachelor’s degree in Languages and Civilizations of Oriental Asia and then her Master’s in Linguistics from the University of Paris VII, Thuy set out to start her teaching career in the USA. During the last ten years, she has been teaching a wide variety of courses in different contexts, from One-on-One Courses with Language Trainers, to university-level courses at NYU. Plus, Thuy also has many years of experience in business-related positions so, if you’re looking to learn Vietnamese for your career, she will know how to help you! Having lived in many countries across the world, Thuy will bring very interesting insights into the Vietnamese language and culture to your class. Join this Language Trainers Connect Vietnamese Course with Thuy and learn the language while enjoying an enriching multicultural experience!

Private Courses

Do you need to learn Vietnamese for specific reasons (business, travel, cultural, or other) and would like to study alone? Do you have a hectic schedule that does not allow you to join our open group sessions? Would you like to learn in a group of friends, family, or co-workers? Don’t worry, at Language Trainers we also offer private sessions completely tailored to your preferences and schedule. Reach out to us and learn Vietnamese lightning fast!