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Open Group Russian Courses

Find below a complete list of open group Russian courses. Choose the one that suits your level and book your place!

Please consider that our courses have a limited number of vacancies, though we offer these courses on a rolling cycle. So, if the course you want is not available at the moment, please try again soon.

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Important Course Facts.

  • Courses that suit your level.
  • Endless online resources.
  • Professional, experienced Russian instructors.
  • Large & small groups available.
  • Flexible course material.
  • Make international friends.

Why Learn Russian Today?

With more than 150 million Russian speakers around the world, learning the language can certainly open up new possibilities. For instance, you can find a new job at a Russian-speaking company or enter the Russian business market with ease, especially given that only 2% of the Russian population speaks English fluently. Even if you are not interested in learning for business reasons, knowing Russian can enable you to make new friends, communicate with family members abroad, or make your next trip to Russia much more enjoyable.

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Benefits of an Open Group Russian Course with Language Trainers Connect

Enroll in our Russian group courses and learn the language through interaction with other motivated learners from around the world. In this way, you’ll acquire Russian in a realistic manner, through genuine communication while participating in an enriching cultural exchange.

Plus, all of our courses are structured so that learners have the same level of proficiency, allowing you to improve and support each other on your language journeys!

Our instructors are certified native speakers, so they will not only teach you grammar and vocabulary, but also about their traditions, beliefs, cultural references, and even slang, so you take your skills to the next level in a short time. With years of teaching experience under their belts, our tutors have near-endless resources to make your lessons fun and entertaining, so you always feel motivated to learn. You won’t be just filling in the blanks or listening to boring audio exercises, but instead completing individual and group assignments using your new language skills.

After successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of achievement that shows the Russian level of proficiency you have attained. Do you want to know more about our open group Russian courses? Send us a quick inquiry.

Course Requirements

You don’t need to have advanced equipment or software to take part in a Language Trainers Connect Open Group Russian Course. You just need:

An electronic device with a stable Internet connection.

A stable Internet connection

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Katia is a Russian polyglot. As well as teaching her own language, she is fluent in Portuguese and English, speaks intermediate Spanish and French, and knows elementary-level Hebrew. She currently resides in Brazil, but has worked in several countries and continents. As such, she possesses good cross-cultural communication skills, and enjoys inspiring cultural exchange via dialogue in her classes. In particular, Katia loves to find creative ways to immerse her students in her native culture, using a wide range of interactive digital materials, including games, videos, and quizzes. She certified as a teacher at Moscow State University, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Novosibirsk State Technical University, where she also completed courses in French and English. Since then, Katia has been teaching Russian language courses to all ages and group sizes via school classrooms, private lessons, and online courses. Her students describe her as dedicated, creative, and an excellent professional. She is demanding but patient and works hard to help her students grasp the key aspects of Russian to begin communicating as soon as possible. So, students in her Language Trainers Connect course can expect to speak Russian from the very first class, working with their classmates to exchange ideas, practice conversation, and complete group-based activities. Likewise, she is trained to track individual students’ progress in a group setting and she will adjust the pace and focus of lessons to help learners struggling with particular aspects of the language. Crucially, she will do this while maintaining overall advancement of the course syllabus. In addition, Katia has experience managing projects, providing business trainings, organizing events, and raising funds for non-profit organizations. But while these are her areas of special expertise, she is ready and eager to help you build your Russian knowledge of anything that interests you and the group as a whole.

Private Courses

In addition to our open group sessions, Language Trainers offers private, 100% tailor-made courses for those with specific linguistic goals that cannot be achieved otherwise. Reach out to us to know more about our personalized Russian courses. These lessons are planned just for you (or a small closed group of up to 8 people), so they will suit your busy schedule, preferences, and needs. Study Russian for business, culture, travel, or any other reason!