Language Trainers Testimonials and Reviews from Clients

See some of the testimonials we have received from our clients.


”It’s been so nice to get some of my Japanese back and I really like my instructor! ”

Tris Wylie Japanese course in Guelph

”Our lessons are going well. We chose Language Trainers because you offer private language services and we have been extremely happy.”

Mauro Pennacchioli Italian course in Cambridge

”My trainer has been great and has adapted to my needs well. For example, I've been self-studying with a textbook and she's helped me work through the exercises during our sessions, which has allowed me to not jumble up the different grammar topics. There were not many in-person Urdu lesson options where I live, and the fact that Language Trainers was able to find somebody that could meet every day for a short period of time and without a fixed syllabus was great. My schedule didn't permit me to start a course with a fixed date or travel very far to attend lessons.”

Cody Valdes Urdu course in Vancouver

”My Dutch lessons are going very well because my teacher makes it easy and fun for me. ”

Tyson Matheson Dutch course in Calgary

”My daughter is very happy with her teacher. It went very well. She enjoyed the lessons and the teacher was excellent.  ”

Vladimir Ahmad Russian course in Ottawa

”Sono molto felice con i miei corsi!”

Wayne Jeffrey Italian course in Edmonton

”My teacher is very responsible and patient. She was willing to explain those words in different ways so that I could understand. And we did not only go over vocabulary and grammar, but also talked a lot about German culture. She had a deep understanding about Germany as that’s where she is from.”

Esther Li German course in Coquitlam

”We are so happy with the work that my children's teacher has been doing! She is always incredibly well prepared and makes the lessons fun with games and songs that the kids always enjoy. We are very pleased and anticipate continuing on with lessons once we have completed our initial 20 lessons. We have been very happy with our experience with Language Trainers and would recommend you very highly!”

Kayley Perfetto Italian course in London

”The German lessons are going well. My teacher is very friendly and well organized. He puts a lot of effort into his lessons and doesn’t over work you. He gives you time to learn so you feel confident as you progress.  He keeps the starting simple so you don’t get frustrated before you even begin. I have learned a lot in the past few weeks and am very happy with the course.”

Curtis Lacelle German course in Saskatoon

”My teacher has a good sense of reality as far as retention and comprehension are concerned. I don’t ever feel frustrated! Her clarity of both English and Russian makes every lesson more meaningful. I always look forward to the next lesson. Enjoying every minute!”

Al Struthmann Russian course in London

”My classes are going smoothly. My teacher really breaks everything down and explains how the words form. It's also nice that she approaches the learning with different methods so it really makes the learning process a lot easier. The book is also interesting. I like the cultural aspects that it mentions and it works as a good guideline to follow and branch out from. Overall, I've enjoyed my experience so far.”

Graciella Dean Dutch course in Vancouver

” Lessons are going very well. My trainer's efforts are catering right to my needs. I am learning things about languages that I never knew! My 2 hour lessons go by way too fast! ”

Al Struthmann Russian course in Toronto

”I have been learning Japanese for about 8 months, covering hiragana and katakana, grade 1-3 kanji reading, and volume II of "Japanese for Busy People". Overall, I'm very satisfied with my Japanese classes. Aside from being kind and polite, my teacher is always on time for the lessons. He is also flexible and open to ideas. He would not mind modifying the course content to fit with his student's needs and wants. He would even went a step further by providing good materials for learning. An example to that would be, when I asked my teacher to modify the course content to be more reading heavy rather than writing. He'd then went to Japanese library every other week to borrow different Japanese kids books and I'd then learn by reading a lot of interesting books fit for my level. I'm honestly very touched by his ingenuity and the amount of efforts he took to guide me in my language learning.”

Yonas Sulistio Japanese course in Windsor

”My teacher is great! I like how I am progressing and I always look forward to the next class.”

Brad Doyle Spanish course in Halifax, NS

”We were very pleased and impressed with the first lesson. I had an opportunity to speak briefly with the teacher and was amazed with her energy and enthusiasm towards learning, and look forward to the rest of the program.”

Jeff MCLACHLAN Hebrew course in London

”We’ve had three lessons with Nam so far, and they are going great. He’s been very helpful about customizing lessons around our needs.”

Karen Ballantyne Vietnamese course in Toronto, Lawyer, Ballantyne Yates llp

”I am thoroughly pleased with the Japanese lessons so far, and have not a single negative thing to report. Norie and my schedules line up quite well, so getting the sessions in has been very simple and easy. She is going above and beyond her call of duty, and educating me in culture, tradition, norms, and helpful tips for daily life in addition to her well structured, easy to follow language lessons. I'd be hard pressed to believe that I could have found a better teacher, and I can confidently say that this was well worth the money.”

Jason Bickert Japanese course in Calgary

”The whole experience has been very positive and I feel that your company did a great job finding an excellent instructor. The results speak for themselves.”

Sara Petrcich Croatian course in Toronto

”I am really enjoying the course and feel we are going at a comfortable pace. I am content with the entire course.”

Arsheen Dhalla Swedish course in Calgary, Team Lead, Pure North S’Energy Foundation

”The students are enjoying the courses and like the one on one with the teacher. They feel it gives better progress than the group classes they previously had with other companies.”

Kristin O’Meara French course in Toronto, Trade Marketing Manager, EV Water

”Valentina is a perfect match. She is very knowledgeable and so sweet. My lessons with her are going great!”

Jackie Richmond Spanish course in Brampton

”Tanushree, my trainer, is an excellent teacher. She adapted very quickly to our learning style. She is energetic and efficient and she is available on weekends.  Thank you very much, Language Trainers!”

Anil Dalvi Hindi course in Toronto

”My lessons with Slavica are going well. We get along well. She is fun, enthusiastic and knowledgable. Thanks!”

Pat Strizic Croatian course in Toronto

”Hortense is wonderful. I am very happy to have her as an instructor. I have really improved my ear and she is very interesting to talk with.”

Joan DeGraves French course in Vaughan

”After just a few Spanish classes, I am already able to converse with native speakers. I felt confident and really enjoyed it. I have learned a lot! I know that at the end of my classes I will be able to speak even better.”

Farhan Akram Spanish course in Brampton, Retail Ready Foods

”The Italian lessons are still going well. My teacher is great!”

Crawford Hawke Italian course in Oakville

”The lessons are going very well. Olivia is very knowledgeable and adjusts the requirements as she understands our learning styles and levels. We’re both enjoying working with her.”

Rosemary Fernandes-Walker French course in Guelph

”Lessons are going really well, we are getting more and more comfortable with the language and Karim our trainer has started implementing a lot of conversation which is really beneficial to the whole team.”

Reeshma Esmail French course in Toronto, VP Digital - Canada, BBC Advertising, BBC

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”Yes, the program has been extremely helpful. My teacher was the most helpful and useful.”

Bob Busch Rediscovering the Spanish Language
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