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Taking Spanish courses in Vancouver will not only give you the enjoyment of all the Hispanic events on offer throughout the city but will also give you confidence if you travel to Spain or Latin America yourself. Any second languages on your CV will be a boost to your employability, and arranging Spanish lessons in Vancouver to fit around your schedule and needs will give you that language edge as well as a fun activity to do.

Why Study Spanish in Vancouver

Learn Spanish for Work: Vancouver is one of the most diverse cities in the world, regularly attracting overseas visitors for both tourism and to settle in the city for work. According to the 2016 Census, there are more than 36,000 people in Vancouver who speak Spanish as a mother tongue, with 18,000 of those regularly speaking Spanish at home. There are also over 1000 people who use Spanish as a language at work and if you are considering Spanish classes in Vancouver this will give you a chance for compete for some of these positions. For example, Language Marketplace is a company that is always looking for Spanish interpreters to attend conferences and other important events around the country. Fluency in Spanish will give you access to these and many other important professional opportunities in Vancouver!

Learn Spanish for Culture: Apart from work, learning Spanish will open up many cultural opportunities. The Hispanic community of East Vancouver is served by the Canadian Latin American Cultural Society who regularly host events to support and keep the culture thriving. The Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre has regular screenings of Spanish language movies all year round at the Pacific Cinematheque. As well as this the Centre gives hands-on history lessons about Latin American cultures that have evolved in Canada, along with screenplays, novel and poetry recitals, Latin American art and photography exhibitions, and regular Latin American dance events. The Vancouver Latin American Film Festival takes place every year throughout August and September. In 2019, it’s the sixteenth year of the festival and, alongside the wide range of more than 40 movies on offer there, there will be Latin American art and photography on display. And finally, if you are searching for even more Spanish culture in Vancouver, then the International Wine Festival is a great place to head. In its 40th year, this festival will be highlighting wines from Spain and Portugal.

Learn Spanish for Social: The Spanish and Latin Americans certainly know how to have a good time and you could check out one of more than a dozen meetup groups focusing on Spanish in Vancouver. The better your Spanish gets, the more you will be able to take advantage of networking opportunities and make new relationships with people whose first language is Spanish.


Where to Learn Spanish in and around Vancouver

In terms of where to take your Spanish classes, Language Trainers focuses on your convenience. Typically our trainer will come to your home or your place of work – you decide! If that doesn’t work for you, then you can also go to our trainer’s office or meet in a public space such as the Starbucks on Granville St or the Central Library on West Georgia St. Wherever you decide, we also encourage our trainers to take our students out sometimes for a practical lesson, perhaps you can go and practise what you have learnt by ordering and chatting to the waiters at Cabrito or Espana tapas bars.

For those of you who don’t live or work in Vancouver itself, our tutors also provide Spanish lessons in Abbotsford, Burnaby, and Coquitlam as well as Surrey, Langley, New Westminster, Richmond, Delta, Maple Ridge and Chilliwack.

So let’s go, vámonos, if you are ready to take things further with getting started or improving your Spanish, why not take our free Spanish level test or just send us an inquiry so we can help create the perfect course for you.

Sign up for our Espagnol lessons in Vancouver today! Schedule your lessons whenever you want them, so you can always find time to study, regardless of your timetable or location. You don’t even have to leave home to meet your teacher!

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Cours d'espagnol de base à Vancouver

Nos cours à Vancouver aideront les étudiants à améliorer leur niveau de langue de manière rapide et efficace, quel que soit leur objectif. L'un des aspects les plus intéressants de nos cours est qu'ils sont entièrement conçus pour répondre aux besoins des étudiants. Le fait que nous offrons nos cours d'espagnol en tête-à-tête signifie que vous pouvez apprendre les mots et les phrases dont vous avez besoin dans un environnement confortable et détendu.

Cours d'espagnol des affaires en tête-à-tête à Vancouver

Nos cours de espagnol des affaires à Vancouver se font en tête-à-tête et vous aideront à améliorer vos compétences en langue des affaires de manière considérable. Peu importe à quel niveau vous commencez, vous serez bientôt en mesure de faire confortablement des présentations d'affaires avant de passer à d'autres sujets. Les étudiants débutants peuvent s'attendre à terminer le cours avec des compétences basiques en espagnol, leur permettant de passer un coup de téléphone ou écrire un courrier électronique.

Cours d'espagnol à deux et en petit groupe
à Vancouver (Groupe privé)

Nos cours de langues sont également disponibles pour les petits groupes de personnes qui souhaitent étudier ensemble (cours d'espagnol à deux, cours d'espagnol en petit groupe en entreprise). Tous les participants doivent avoir les mêmes besoins linguistiques, pouvoir étudier simultanément au même endroit, et avoir le même niveau. Tous les participants doivent réserver au même horaire. Les professeurs de langues suggèrent que vous ne choisissiez pas de cours avec plus de 8 élèves par classe. Cependant, un cours d'essai d'espagnol en entreprise peut comporter jusqu'à 12 personnes.

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