5 Benefits of Working in a Multinational Company

In many areas of our lives, the temptation can be to stick to what we know – and stick close to home! The truth is, though, that this doesn’t really help us grow. Getting out into the world and experiencing new places, cultures, languages and adventures is one of the best things we can do for our own personal and professional growth!

That’s why working in a multinational company can be so rewarding. These are usually larger, global companies, who fully embrace and promote a great mix of cultures and languages within the workplace. There are many benefits to working within these types of companies. Below are just five that we think are worth mentioning:

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1. You get to learn about other cultures and customs

Travelling to a new city or country is thrilling, and learning about the people, their culture and customs when you do is just one of the major highlights of travel.

Imagine getting to do that during your lunch break!

When you work for a multinational company, with staff from all across the globe, just sitting in the staff lunchroom can be a great opportunity to learn about where your colleagues are from and hear their unique stories!

Make sure you take the time to ask questions and get to know the people around you – you never know what interesting topics you might find out about.

2. Your creativity and perspective get a chance to thrive

Many psychologists advocate for a mix of different perspectives, opinions and ideas in order to get the creative juices flowing, help with problem-solving and move teams towards solutions.

Working in a multicultural company means you’ll be surrounded by people with a whole range of different experiences from yours – imagine picking the brains of people from other parts of the world next time you have a crisis at work!

Different perspectives and opinions open you up to new ideas and help you grow both professionally and personally.

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3. It can open up international opportunities

Working in a multinational, global company means you’ll have the opportunity to travel to and visit new cities and countries – and you might even get the chance to move internationally depending on your role. Even if your role doesn’t require this, you’ll be working somewhere with offices across the world – who knows what opportunities this could lead to!

It also means you’ll have the knowledge, respect, and adaptability to fit into new workplaces, in new cultures, across the world.

Even if you decide to leave the company and join somewhere new, the confidence and exposure from working in diverse workplace culture will stand you in good stead to pursue your career wherever you want!

4. Exposure to different languages

You don’t need us to tell you how challenging learning a new language can be. It takes commitment and consistency, and if you don’t practice you can quickly lose your new-found lingual skills.

Learning a new language has many benefits, not only for travelling but also for long term mental health. So it makes sense to make sure you’re getting plenty of support and seizing opportunities where you can stick to your learning goals!

Whatever language you’ve decided to try your hand at, working in an office with a wide range of people from across the world could be just what you need to aid your language practice!

Whether you’re practicing your French with the receptionist or chatting in Russian to the boss – it all helps you to keep on track, and can also give you some helpful extra tuition to help you on your way!

5. You can discover all the travel goals!

Have you heard of that quaint little village in the mountains of Japan? Well, now you have. Thanks to your co-worker!

Being around people from different parts of the world introduces you to new places and gives you insights into countries that you otherwise wouldn’t know anything about! Not only that, but you’ll have someone who’s keen to share their hometown with you, and their knowledge of the place they no doubt love.

There’s nothing better than discovering a new place with the passionate knowledge of someone who grew up there. Working in a multinational company gives you these insights and helps you get to know the world on a whole new level.

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Grab the Opportunity!

Obviously, there are heaps of benefits other than these to working in a large, multinational company, but workplace culture is so important – it’s worth being aware of what opportunities you’re opening yourself up to outside of salary and annual leave!

If you get the chance to work for a multinational company, make sure you grab it! You never know where it might land you.

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